Berytech & Michel Issa Foundation Sign MOU to create a Business Innovation Center in Amchit


With the aim of contributing to the economic development and bringing high value and high impact to the Kesserwan, Jbeil and Northern Kazas, Berytech, represented by its Chairman and CEO Mr. Maroun N. Chammas, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF), represented by its President Dr. Toni Issa, to develop a Business and Innovation Center in Amchit.

The event took place at the Saint-Joseph University Rector Office Mathaf-Beirut, in the presence of Rector Salim Daccache s.j. and Mr. Michel Issa who gave their official endorsement for the project. Also present were the Vice Rectors of the University, the Management of Berytech, and members from MIF in addition to Patriarchal Vicar for Sarba area Bishop Boulos Rouhana, President of Amchit Municipality Dr. Antoine Issa, General Prosecutor of the Court of Audit Judge Fawzi Khamis and Chairman and CEO of ERGA Group Mr. Elie Gebrayel.

Dr. Issa highlighted in his note that the project will help meet the economic development strategies of Michel Issa foundation for Local Development (MIF). It aims to address the economic needs of the Kesserwan, Jbeil and Northern Kazas. Being the first project of its kind in the area, it would allow the attraction of the best talents, university students, entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs to the area thus reducing migration to Beirut for young professionals, enhancing innovation and contributing to local development.


In his intervention, Mr. Chammas confirmed that Berytech will most importantly work to create a dynamic community while constantly organizing networking events, meet-ups and conferences with valuable speakers to promote entrepreneurship and job creation in the above-mentioned areas while focusing on the ICT, Smart Agri-Food, Renewable energy, Ecotourism and Social Entrepreneurship sectors.

Professor Salim Daccache s.j.Rector of Saint-Joseph University added:“C’est avec enthousiasme que je salue l’initiative de Berytech en association avec la Fondation Issa pour le développement local de créer une unité Berytech dans la région de Byblos- Amchit. “It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome Berytech initiative in association with the Issa Foundation for Local Development, to create a Berytech unit in the Byblos-Amchit region. L’Université Saint Joseph qui a été la première université à créer des centres universitaires à Tripoli, Zahlé et Saida, considère que l’une de ses missions est le développement local des ressources humaines, économiques et sociales.Saint Joseph University, the first university that did set up university centers in Tripoli, Zahle and Saida, firmly believes that one of its missions is the local development of human, economic and social resources. Le nouveau Berytech sera ainsi une vraie couveuse de nouvelles entreprises surtout des jeunes diplômés de l’USJ et d’autres universités ».Thus, the new Berytech will be a true incubator of new companies, especially for students and young graduates of USJ and other universities.”


With the ever increasing traffic on the roads to Beirut, solutions are being thought to reduce the burden of commuting for young entrepreneurs. The built center of an area of 4000 m2 located on Amchit highway will be designed to offer young entrepreneurs and startups with a multitude of valuable services that are available at all Berytech BIC sites including:

-Worry-free fully furnished modern eco-friendly flexible hosting offices and services for startups and SMEs paralleled with a co-working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

-Business development services including coaching, training, networking events, mentoring and access to finance to support entrepreneurs .

-Meeting and conference spaces will additionally be open to benefit professionals in the area.


The project is due to open its doors in fall 2018.




Berytech: Founded in 2001 by the Saint Joseph University, Berytech is a leading organization in the Entrepreneurial Eco-system in Lebanon developing startups and SMEs through incubation, business support, hosting, networking, mentoring, funding and access to markets. Berytech is a Member of the European Business Network (EBN) and has the BIC certification (business innovation center).


Michel Issa Foundation for Local Development (MIF): MIF is a Lebanese NGO founded in 2012 in Amchit (Jbeil) bearing the name of the Founder and Chairman of the petroleum company IPT. MIF aims to enhance local development through building capabilities within the community for self-employment and income generation, in addition to fostering entrepreneurship initiatives among the Lebanese youth to get involved in the business sector as employers, and to securing jobs for fresh graduates without the need to flee to the capital or to immigrate.




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