Berytech is now member of the InBIA Network

Entrepreneurs face many common challenges as they seek to transform their ideas into high-growth companies. Business incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces and other entrepreneurship support organizations are critical to their success because they provide connections to the right mentors, education, partners, community influencers and investors that are essential to their growth.

InBIA (International Business Innovation Association) is a global non profit that represents over 2,200 entrepreneurship support organisations. With networks extending over 62 countries, InBIA provides industry best practices through education while enabling collaboration, mentorship, peer-based learning and the sharing of innovative ideas for entrepreneurs across the globe.

In June 2017, Berytech became a Gold member of the INBIA network. The membership offers the Berytech community access to a global community of entrepreneurship support organizations that include a network of mentors, partners, influencers and ecosystem builders, in addition to a wide range of industry events, programs and resources. More details on this will be revealed throughout the year.



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