Berytech Organizes a Mentoring Workshop in Collaboration with Georges N. Frem Foundation

Berytech constantly develops and partners in initiatives empowering its community of entrepreneurs where mentoring programs revealed a positive impact through adding value to entrepreneurs while starting or growing their businesses.
On a separate note, Berytech unites key stakeholders representing reputable institutions that share the same value of support to the entrepreneurship and economy scene in Lebanon.

Therefore, a workshop was organized on September 19 aiming at initiating a mentoring program for Berytech entrepreneurs. During this workshop, key leaders and professionals willing to share their expertise and support to entrepreneurs were empowered by mentoring skills and tools.


The event took place in the attractive settings of Georges N. Frem Foundation premises in Jounieh, gathering a group of 15 mentors who are passionate for innovation and entrepreneurship.

The program was facilitated by Mrs. Christine Francis, management coach/mentor and culture transformation expert at Viviti Coaching & Mentoring; active discussions and hands-on mentoring and coaching skills and tools were given in the session. Some key facts and quotes that were featured in the session:

“Mentored companies have a 5 year or more survival rate of 70% which is the double the rate of un-mentored companies”. The Fondation de l’entrepreneurship’s Business Mentoring Service.
“In mentoring, goals are addressed before reality as it broadens the horizons of what needs to be achieved without limiting the possibilities”;

“The primary goal of the business mentoring program is to help new entrepreneurs, develop on the personal level, acquire leadership and managerial skills and generate positive impact for beneficiary organizations, hence increasing job creation in their communities.”

Guests showed real motivation and engagement for the program, in hopes to maximize the entrepreneurship impact in Lebanon. The participants in the program will be matched with a selection of Berytech entrepreneurs who will benefit from this valuable opportunity.

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