Berytech Represents Lebanon During the Active Citizen Summit

On March 26, the US State Department in collaboration with ACYPL association, organized the Active Citizen Summit, ACS, a 22-day program held in Chicago and completed in Washington DC that brought together young professionals active in the entrepreneurship scene from across the Middle East and North Africa, to be part of an empowering experience.
Berytech was selected from Lebanon and was represented


by Ms. Krystel khalil, program and communication manager, who attended the summit.

The program aimed at engaging participants in active discussions and workshops around challenges facing our region in entrepreneurship, and the variety of opportunities to explore, synergies to build and initiatives to develop, through our exchange of expertise.
Hands-on trainings, meetings with strategic innovation structures and networking events enriched the program with an international flavor of concepts and ideas, while expanding professional networks for participants.
Participants came from 18 Arabic countries having different cultures and backgrounds but sharing the same values, energy and willingness to make a difference in their societies. Great initiatives were shared with the goal of empowering women, social entrepreneurs, youth, education, health and environment, in the Middle East. This presented an encouraging platform to develop regional and international collaboration, presenting sustainable plans and opening up key networks and opportunities to our entrepreneurial communities.
In addition, Berytech had the opportunity to showcase the Lebanese ecosystem to the State Department highlighting Lebanon’s entrepreneurial talents and major challenges faced and looking to develop fruitful synergies and opportunities to support the ecosystem.
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