Berytech Roadshow Continues to NDU

During the month of April 2014, Berytech team hit the road to NDU reaching students from business background conveying the message of entrepreneurship.
In fact, the team gave several lectures covering different subjects related to entrepreneurship each according to their field of expertise from innovation, media, incubation, marketing and more. The team shared also concrete examples that apply to entrepreneurs hosted in Berytech; their success stories, growth stages, the obstacles they faced and other interesting stages in an entrepreneur starting up.


Mrs. Zeina Nassar, Site Manager at Berytech Technology and Health, shared her skills of management with the students focusing on: entrepreneurship startups and SMEs in Lebanon.



Ms. Krystel Khalil, Program Manager, presented potential opportunities for young aspiring talents looking to startup highlighting IBIC competition “Intel Berytech Innovation Challenge is a great opportunity to catch if you have a catchy business idea, more info on”, encouraging them to collaborate with other faculty members and build a strategic team.



In addition, Mr. Paul Chucrallah, Director of Berytech answered question about VCs and Funding in Lebanon stating: “ Berytech fund aims to transform the Lebanese creativity hopefully the second fund will be launched soon and it will keep on transforming the Lebanese creativity”

Finally, Mr. Salim Tannous, Beirut creative Cluster’s Director, discussed disruptive innovation mentionning: “when you will graduate you would be classified either as a ninja generation; which means no income no job no assets, either as a flux generation who move from carrier to carrier and adapt to the changes. These are psychographic studies not demographic or geographics it is a study based on your personality and either you adapt or not.”

The experience was of a great benefits for both parties hoping to do more collaboration and keep on promoting entrepreneurship. Students got the chance to interact with the team and share potential ideas to receive feedback and guidance and follow up meetings were scheduled to support them in creating startups.

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