Berytech on Social Entrepreneurship at ImpACT Beirut

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Berytech Deputy GM Ramy Boujawdeh spoke about the powerful support the ecosystem provides entrepreneurs and the journey to turn innovative ideas into social enterprises, during the Social Entrepreneurship Conference organized recently by The Entrepreneurship Club in collaboration with impACT and held at the American University of Beirut.


impACT is a global movement that works towards social impact through entrepreneurship; especially in fragile contexts. After Kabul and Berlin, impACT help their third event in Beirut bringing together aspiring and successful social entrepreneurs with established actors to gain insights, extend networks and get inspired for a sustainable social impact.

“Ecosystems flourish when different players and organizations complement each other to reach common goals, Social Entrepreneurship will change Lebanon’s Socio Economical Landscape, so let’s get to work all together,” commented Boujawdeh.


Boujawdeh presented part of the Create Impact panel. He spoke about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs as well as the common reasons for failures. He shared the journey of a startup from getting the idea, to team creation and development of a visible model as well as the testing and validation. He also advised on the questions to ask during the startup phase.


He introduced the different support mechanisms provided by Berytech, and highlighted the new fabrication facility at Berytech, showcasing the different porotypes that can be developed using different materials and software.

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