Berytech Takes Part in GEW 2014

Like every year Berytech took part in GEW the week that celebrates entrepreneurship, job creation and innovation.
The launching of GEW in Lebanon organized by Bader young entrepreneur took place at concrete 1994 on the 18th of November 2014. Berytech partnered in this event in order to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As a matter of fact, investors, entrepreneurs, startups and potential startups gathered around a pleasant atmosphere under an informal setup in order to celebrate the thriving economy.
Banque du Liban Accelerate 2014 followed this event on the 20th and 21st of November bringing together over 50 startup industry veterans from around the world to put together Blueprints for Success for 1,000 international entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

The main discussions held where on turning the brain drain into a brain grain. In the panel regrouping Lebanon’s Investors Mr. Maroun Chammas stated: “Berytech aims to keep Lebanese entrepreneur in Lebanon”, “reverse the brain drain”.

Also, one of the main point discussed during the BDL accelerate 2014 was the internet. During the talks, there were several calls to the Lebanese government to enable the fiber optics for a proper digital economy. The subject was held by most panels insisting that we need a high speed internet imperatively in order to help our startups succeed in their businesses, it’s a huge step that needs to be taken and it needs to be taken now. Jawbone founder Alexander Asseily claimed that the only complaint about Lebanon is its Slow Internet and the only way to have a successful business is by increasing the speed of our miserable connection. There has to be a call of conscious, people have the right to digital economy.

The Accelerate2014 is a huge step taken where banks are directly investing money into businesses. However, Entrepreneurship is more about execution and team than just seed money. “To get money you have to have a good story to tell” says the Chairman of Berytech Mr. Maroun Chammas adding that “our mission is to transform Lebanon from consumers of technology to a producers of technology.”
The Lebanese are among the most creative people in the world they are always on the forefront when it comes to the technological field. They are eager and aggressive to create progress in building startups Mr. Maroun Chammas assessed “Success has no color no religion no political affiliation”
to sum it up the whole crowed was invited to celebrate this enormous move towards development and economy growth at the one party at the one hosted by IDM

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