BESTMEDGRAPE: technology transfer and accompaniment to business creation through Berytech 

Berytech through the BESTMEDGRAPE program can offer aspiring entrepreneurs to scale their businesses throughout the region 

The Countdown is ON… Do you have what it takes to change your life? 

In this interview, the Deputy General Manager at Berytech Ramy Boujawdeh highlights the path for technology transfer and accompaniment to business creation. 

Starting 2021, when all the calls for the selection of 30 potential entrepreneurs will be closed, a new phase of the BESTMEDGRAPE project will start. From January 2021 till August 2022, the selected potential entrepreneurs from Italy, Tunisia, Lebanon, France, and Jordan will follow the path for technology transfer and accompaniment to business creation which includes 5 phases.  


Tools will be provided to participants to help them with their new business 

The Deputy General Manager at Berytech responsible for Business & Entrepreneurship support in BESTMEDGRAPE in Lebanon, Ramy Boujawdeh, explains that Berytech will support the creation of startups by providing participants with tools allowing them to develop and strengthen their skills and expertise that are useful in the launch of a new business. They will receive support in different subjects, and it will represent an actual chance to implement the ideas generated from technology transfer activities.  

Boujawdeh adds that the initial participants will:  

  • Understand how the extraction of grape derivatives is done, and how to build their Business Model to valorize such extraction, the potential market, and management of the intellectual property. 
  • Receive training in market research, business, revenue models, marketing, pitching, and others. 
  • Use an online platform that will collect potential business ideas generated through exchange and cooperation among participants from the partner countries France, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia. 
  • Exchange between experts, facilitators and entrepreneurs during seminars and meetings, which will lead to the establishment of cross-border business groups and help in identifying the best ideas to be implemented. 
  • Receive consultancy services, based on specific needs. Consultancy services will aim at the implementation of a business plan. They will focus on several themes: technological and productive partner selection, establishment of business, public/private fund-seeking, etc. 
  • Get a voucher of €5,000 to be used for the development of the startup.     

What do you need to succeed in creating your own business?  

From his experience at Berytech, Ramy Boujawdeh indicates that this project will mainly inspire university students and graduates from different fields of studies (sciences, Engineering, Business) as well as academics and researchers, but also aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to start working on their own business idea but have not necessarily identified a challenge to solve or to innovate.  

And he continues: “we hope that as many as possible can create their own business, but the program is based on a competitive process so at a certain point we will shortlist the 30 applicants to 10 applications that will benefit from funding vouchers.” In addition, when the candidates receive the right support, aspiring entrepreneurs go a long way. Here, Boujawdeh identifies 4 important components: 

  1. The motivation/dedication and passion to pursue a business idea 
  2. The right support in terms of knowledge, which will be given for BMG in the form of webinars by key experts  
  3. The networking and relationship building with the teams but also with the support team of the incubators and wider network of trainers and experts  
  4. Finally, an important component of any program is to have a small grant that would allow validating the business idea. 

BMG offers at least 3 out of 4 so the rest is up to the candidates themselves.   

Good news for the candidates 
The Deputy General Manager at Berytech assures that when startups are created within a Berytech program or when they join a Berytech program, they usually become part of a larger pool of supported businesses. They are kept informed of new programs that they could benefit from or new opportunities from which their businesses could benefit. They become part of the Berytech community.  

Innovation is the key to business success  
In his opinion, Ramy Boujawdeh finds that there are many reasons why companies should put a lot of emphasis on innovation. The future success of any business depends on how they are able to innovate. Innovation allows organizations to stay relevant in the competitive market, it also plays an important role in economic growth. The ability to resolve critical problems depends on new innovations, which increase chances to react to changes and discover new opportunities. It can also help foster a competitive advantage as it allows us to build better products and services for customers.  

BESTMEDGRAPE extends the limit and the crosses the borders 

The potential for innovation in the region is high, and there are several “innovation islands,” according to Ramy Boujawdeh. He adds: “Through Berytech’s networks and projects across the Mediterranean and MENA we can play an active role to catalyze opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs in agricultural waste valorization. Berytech through the BESTMEDGRAPE program can offer aspiring entrepreneurs to scale their businesses throughout the region, and be able to attract partners to join them, with the acceleration of digitization after the covid-19 lockdown people are more open to communicate and cooperate through digital platforms.” 

Learn more about the EU-funded BESTMEDGRAPE Program here. 

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