186 Lives Saved with the Donner Sang Compter Blood Drives at Berytech

DSC Blood Drive 2019_web

Once again this year, the Berytech Community across the three innovation parks showed up to support and donate blood during the drive organized with the help of the volunteers from Donner Sang Compter

63 eligible community members donated enough blood units to save 186 lives, a huge achievement showing the power of our community and the impact it can generate. 

Donner Sang Compter is an NGO dedicated to providing blood for patients in need through a centralized database of potential donors, and through frequent blood donation campaigns. 

They have already organized 820 blood drives collecting more than 30 thousand blood units and answering more than 90 thousand calls for blood at their center. 

If you can and want to donate and have not had the chance yet, you can still register on the DSC database and they will contact you when blood is needed. You can also help them out by becoming a volunteer

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