Breeze: a healthy ice cream made from grape by-products is born due to BESTMEDGRAPE

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It’s the dream of our childhood, eating healthy Lebanese ice cream.

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This article was originally published on ENICBCMED.

The final goal of the BESTMEDGRAPE project is to give potential entrepreneurs the training, the technology, and the necessary resources that allow them to create their new startups, starting from the concept of transforming grape by-products into cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals.

Now, the project has almost achieved its goals; So, in a series of articles, we will meet the winners who will present to us their new creations.

In the first article, Leila Khalife and Pamela Slaiby will introduce us to “Breeze”, a healthy ice cream made with 100% Lebanese ingredients and no chemical additives. The extracted polyphenol from the grape waste acts as an antioxidant to reduce health problems and as a cooler for the first five minutes to avoid melting.

It all started with a childhood dream…

“It all starts with a simple idea about creating our own ice cream shop with an unforgettable experience where you would like to feel the breeze and freeze the moment. It’s the dream of our childhood, eating healthy Lebanese ice cream. It’s about enjoying the experience through original flavors and helping to avoid health problems and fast melt”, Khalife and Slaiby Said.

Why is this product so special? they answered: “this idea combines the positive effects of antioxidants and the creativity and originality of our recipe. In other words, our added value can be resumed by the diversification of the taste (grape, wine…) the positive impact on health and the environment, and the creation of better conditions to avoid fast melting. Finally, it’s a 100% Lebanese product made with natural Lebanese ingredients”.

This product should hit the market at some point, so what makes our winners believe that it will succeed?

Every dream can be transformed into reality, that’s what young entrepreneurs believe. They also believe that “Breeze” will have a modest impact on the Lebanese economy since it is 100% Lebanese and the prices are well studied. Here, Khalife and Slaiby mentioned that hard work was put into a business model to define all the essential elements (market study, financial progress, …). Advice from instructors and consultors during the program was highly appreciated, it taught our entrepreneurs how to avoid some common mistakes and how to have courage and vision to achieve goals. In addition, “we had the opportunity to communicate with different countries and candidates and to benefit from their feedback and analysis. Our partnership fits this business since it valorizes 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition and 10 years of experience in finance and management.”

BESTMEDGRAPE… a new challenge!

We asked our interviewees what brought them to BESTMEDGRAPE and they said: “we were interested in the variety and the organization of the international program proposed and we were searching for a new challenge that can be an added value to our career and that can push us one step forward to run our own business and transform our dream to reality”.

Our young creative entrepreneurs chose the risk of a new business over the stability of a monthly paid job because for them stability and safe zones were a necessity in the earlier stage where they gained experience, learned competencies, developed their skills, identified what they love, what they want, and what are their goals and ambitions… But now, while being mature and having the right tools to succeed in work, “we decided that this is the right moment to take a break from this stability and take risks to chase our dream and to become entrepreneurs. We decided to take this challenge and fight with all that we have. We believe in our Lebanon”, they said.

A word to the young…

Because their ambition, creativity, and hard work paid, our entrepreneurs encouraged young potential entrepreneurs to believe in themselves, their thoughts, their dreams, and their capacities… But they must take this advice into consideration: “take time to focus and to make wise decisions. Don’t burn steps just because you are excited. Be motivated to make a difference as a Lebanese entrepreneur and don’t wait for others. Write your own story!”  

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Nagham Barakat

Nagham Barakat joined the Berytech team in July 2021 as a Communication & Outreach Coordinator. She has an extensive 7 years experience in corporate events planning within the healthcare field working in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the UAE with leading medical devices manufacturers. Nagham is an enthusiastic high-energy professional with an eye for detail. She enjoys outdoor jogging and loves spending quality time with her family.

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