Building Engineering Capacities through Shaams Solar & Biomass Trainings


Within the SHAAMS program objectives to facilitate the take up of solar technologies in the Mediterranean, Berytech organized two capacity building and technology transfer trainings to a pool of 60 experts including engineers, consultants and innovators in the field.IMG_1477

The ‘Solar Module’ took place on Tuesday 15 March 2016 at Berytech Technology Pole, Mar Roukoz. The training was administered by Dr. Imad Mougharbel, Professor of Industrial Electronics at the Lebanese University and explained the principle and application of PV systems. Dr. Mougharbel went through photovoltaic basics, PV modules and other components of grid-connected systems, site surveys and shading analysis & planning and sizing grid-connected photovoltaic systems. The participants also received a live presentation of a real installed PV platform by Dr. Imad Hajj Chehade from IRI.


The ‘Biomass Module’ took place on Thursday 22 March 2016. Dr. Dominique Salemeh explained the biomass waste management techniques and principles, starting by defining WASTE to identifying the Lebanese waste problem. Dr. Salemeh discussed the principles of effective waste management strategies and addressed the public-private partnership for waste management. The training was wrapped with a presentation of real Waste and Biomass valorization system by Founder and CEO of Cedar Environmental,  Ziad Abi Chaker.

These training are part of Berytech capacity building initiatives to foster a track of eco-innovations and empower the new generation of engineers in the field.

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