Designing Fashion, Furniture and Jewelry at the Berytech Fab Lab

The pieces are currently exhibited in the Fab Lab in Berytech’s Innovation Park in Mar Roukoz

The team at the Berytech Fab Lab has been busy accommodating three designers who are seeking to disrupt the fashion, furniture and jewelry fields with their innovative projects. This is a new initiative for a design collaborative led by Berytech. 

Digital Designing at the Fab Lab

The DE1 initiative by the Berytech Fab Lab aimed to build a platform for designers to implement their ideas related to digital fabrication at the lab and using the available machines. The goal is to promote a design, making and digital fabrication culture in Lebanon.

The projects and processes were documented during the fabrication time that took around 4 weeks. The designers provided their design ideas to the team from the Fab Lab, with some supporting files to start. Then, these files were developed to cover the Cad Cam process -moving the digital files to the machines. Throughout the process some iterations to the design, dimensions and material were applied.

Jewelry Design at the Fab Lab

The first designer is Lebanese interior architect Rascha Daher, who has worked for more than 13 years on construction and architectural projects in Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA and France. She has a master’s degree in urban studies from Lille in France. As a designer, Rascha was always interested in design, fashion and particularly, jewelry. In 2017, she decided to launch her first jewelry collection and create her own brand.

Rascha recently collaborated with the Berytech Fab Lab to manufacture two ring-shaped earrings using the lab’s SLA 3D printer, which can be used to print prototypes directly from 3D modeling, molding small objects and printing jewelry prototypes. The visual model of the rings was designed in a workshop in Vienna, and, despite the constraints in the design (such as being too thin), 3D printing was used for the primary prototype in plastic, which was later coated with copper.

“The work with the Berytech Fab Lab team was very friendly and professional at the same time. We were in continuous coordination and follow up in order to get the best product, we were both satisfied with. I will definitely continue to collaborate with Fab Lab on future projects,” comments Rascha.

Furniture Design at the Fab Lab

The second designer is Lebanese interior designer Marine Bustros who, after completing her bachelor’s degree at ALBA, moved to Milan seeking her master’s degree in interior design at Scuola Politecnica Di Design (SPD). Marine has done internships in Italian firms such as Lombardini 22 and Sawaya and Moroni, which helped her develop her skills in transforming ideas into reality. Back in Beirut, she joined Gatserelia Design, one of the most prominent agencies in the Middle East. 

In 2018, she established her own interior design studio MB Design, believing that a young and new approach in her field is needed in her hometown. Her latest projects include the Noura shops and private residences throughout Lebanon.

Marine chose to use the laser cutting machine from the Berytech Fab Lab and to focus on functionality and natural aspect of the furniture. Her idea was to create a simple plexiglass table and play around with different textures, materials and colors; giving the opportunity to the buyer to customize the piece according to the interior design of the room.

The Lab’s laser cutting machine can engrave signs, cut pieces of models, raster engravings, as well as cut patterns on anything from wood to glass, cork, leather, cardboard, paper, fabrics, non-PVC acrylics, and other organic materials.

Marine Bustrous comments, “Working with the Berytech Fab Lab team was a very enriching experience. The communication was very fluid, and they handled the execution phase very fast. I learned about their products and especially how to think out of the box to create a nice piece of furniture while using new technology.”

Fashion Design at the Fab Lab

Finally, the third designer is Raghad Hammour. Born in Damascus, Raghad attended the Lebanese American University (LAU) in Beirut and completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture in 2018. In her third year at LAU, Raghad embarked on a cultural exchange in Paris where she was inspired to venture into the world of Fashion and is currently continuing her second degree in Fashion Design at ESMOD.

Since then, she has been participating in International architecture competitions alongside to establishing her own fashion line. She believes that architecture has instilled in her the belief that she can achieve and reach new heights in design, thus acting as a foundation for success and fulfillment in the future. This is why she has versed herself in various horizons from architecture to fashion design, print design and digital branding.

Raghad approached the Berytech Fab Lab with her idea to create a fashionable statement bag with a modular beads system that could be switched up randomly. The beads may have different shapes or colors. Raghad used the FDM 3D printer and the laser cutting machine as well as the SLA 3D printer.

“It was a real pleasure to work with Berytech and this project was tremendously useful. It has shown me how Berytech acts as an umbrella for so many individuals like me coming from different backgrounds of education to help them achieve their innovative and unique approach. I see concrete opportunities for subsequent collaborative actions as Berytech has introduced me to the feasibility of connection between technology, design and business, in addition to understanding it through practical tangible examples,” comments Raghad.

Berytech showcases projects

All three pieces by the designers were exhibited at the Sursock museum during an event organized by Berytech where different projects created in the Fab Lab were displayed and showcased. The pieces are currently exhibited in the Fab Lab in Berytech’s Innovation Park in Mar Roukoz.  

Fab lab logo

Berytech Fab Lab is an open-access digital fabrication lab bringing together a great community of makers and innovators, offering them access to a professional DIY studio in Lebanon. 

The Berytech Fab Lab is equipped with 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC routers, electronics workbench, a vacuum forming machine, engineering software, and a vast array of power tools. Everything one needs to build electronic prototypes and produce in different woods, plastics, wax and soft material.

Things you can make in the Fab Lab include furniture, jewelry, fashion pieces, home automation, electronic gadgets, customized toys, and architectural models.

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