Digi Fever at Beirut Digital District Garden

On Friday July 4th 2014 Berytech and Beirut Digital District together brought in the world cup fever to the digi garden. A one of a kind experience, gathering community members and their friends around a huge screen for the quarter final of the fifa world cup2014 (Germany V.S France).

The atmosphere was exceptional food and drinks made the mood even more festive. In fact, people got the chance to chat and network while grabbing a beer and waiting for their sandwiches.

The rules of the game? Simple! Watch, tweet and win a ticket for two to Barcelona offered by wild discovery, @berytech @BeirutDigitalD #digifever Germany or France depending on the team each one supports. And the winner is… Francois Mehchy!
At the end of the evening some were sad some were thrilled but what’s for sure everyone enjoyed the feel of the world cup digi fever thanks to the support of our sponsors: Dunkin Donuts, 961 beer and Wild discovery for rendering this experience unforgettable!

Check the pictures on:

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