Discovering the Berytech Fab lab

Entrepreneurs, makers, innovators, engineers and students were invited to discover the newly furbished Berytech Fab Lab in Berytech Innovation Park in Mar Roukoz. 


The Berytech Fablab is an open-access digital fabrication workshop equipped with an array of flexible computer controlled tools and various materials, with the aim to invent, make, and share “almost” anything.

Guest speaker Romain Di Vozzo is an NRIA R&D Engineer and the Director of FabLab Digiscope at the Universite Paris-Saclay in France. His visit to the Berytech Fab Lab started with intensive training sessions with the Fab Lab team and wrapped with his talk during the open doors event that was held on  Wednesday October 4, 2017. 

His talk dived into the different activities of the Fab Foundation the international network of fabrication laboratories around the world to which the Berytech Fablab belongs and how makers from around the world can benefit and be part of it.



 Fab Lab Manager, Wael el Khalil, introduced the Berytech Fab Lab with the different available machines, hardware and software tools that are made available to the Fab Lab community from CNC mills to 3D printing machines to an electronics fabrication lab. 

Different membership types are available for individuals, groups, students and the Berytech community allowing everyone to unleash their creativity, fabricate and prototype at their own pace. 

Glimpses of the Fab Lab and more on the thoughts and feedback of makers who attended the open doors in this video:


The Fab Lab community is gathered in this dedicated Facebook group. Make sure to join if you are interested in taking part in this maker movement.


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