Dutch Delegation visits Agrytech Startups

On the occasion of the visit of a team from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Finance to Lebanon, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon – H.E. Jan Waltmans, lead the delegation on a visit to Byblos, where they met with three of the Agrytech Program startups – Quadra Machinery, Smart Gourmet and Startchy. The delegation discussed the support and help acquired through the program, their business ideas and the progress they have achieved so far.

Part of the visit was also dedicated to Smart Gourmet’s kitchens, which provides several ready-to-eat products all cooked using the sous-vide method allowing to preserve the cooked products without any preservatives.

The Agrytech Program – launched in January 2017, is co-funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon and Berytech. It aims to catalyze innovation in the agriculture and food industries.

The Netherlands and Lebanon

The Netherlands and Lebanon have a long-standing relationship both in the public and private sphere. In light of the developments in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, both the Dutch government and other Dutch organizations have increased their support for Lebanon significantly in the past years. In order to support Lebanon in coping with the consequences of the Syrian crisis, including the influx of about one million Syrians, the Dutch government has made approximately €50 million available annually.

The Netherlands supports programs that are aimed at strengthening the Lebanese social infrastructure and improving prospects for both Lebanese and Syrians alike. These projects, which include Berytech’s Agrytech Program, focus on education, youth, business development, agriculture, water and municipal cooperation.[1]


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