Berytech & the Eco-Switch Coalition: supporting environmental startups and businesses

Particular attention is given by Berytech to the support of environmental startups and businesses in Lebanon.

Berytech recently committed to the Eco-Switch Coalition, a new collaboration between well-established institutions, NGOs and companies who wish to strengthen the support given to eco-entrepreneurs in Lebanon. The aim is to help local green entrepreneurs thrive and grow their positive environmental impact, by providing them with a variety of support mechanisms based on their needs. Read the Declaration: Eco Switch Coalition.

Through its ongoing programs and within its main verticals, Berytech’s activities continue to serve its mission in supporting its community of innovative entrepreneurs and contributing to the Lebanese startup ecosystem.

Berytech aims to further open regional and international networks for startups and bring additional value through new partnerships and programs that not only respond to the needs of the growing Lebanese ecosystem but anticipate them.

Under the broad umbrella of fueling and supporting entrepreneurship, Berytech’s main activities and programs fall under several industry verticals: Food and Agriculture, Information Communication Technology, Clean Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, SME Development, and Women Empowerment.

Particular attention is given by Berytech to the support of environmental startups and businesses in Lebanon. Indeed, several programs are available for green entrepreneurs and eco-innovators to benefit from Berytech’s wide expertise as well as its large local, regional and international network.

The most recent of programs includes the Green Impact MED Project. Berytech, in the context of the EU-funded Green Impact MED Project (GIMED), launched the Green Applied Research & Innovations Support Program to help green entrepreneurs working on green research and innovation projects. Throughout the 10-month program, Berytech will build the capacities of selected researchers and innovators. Berytech will also offer them the needed access to financing and networking opportunities to bring their innovation to the Mediterranean markets, contribute to a greener economy, and secure more jobs, especially for women and youths. The program allows participants Access to the Switchers National Partnership services offered at both the Lebanese and regional levels.

Other programs supporting environmental startups and businesses include Cleanergy – supporting cleantech startups, Impact Rise – supporting social entrepreneurship, STAND Up! – supporting textile and clothing eco-innovators, and Agrytech – supporting Agri-food Startups.

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