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Cluster4Green SMEs Pitching competition
Five Winners were granted the opportunity to receive tailored support over the next four months, to further accelerate their progress towards circularity and potentially implement the new business model.

Cluster4Green, an innovative EU-funded project under the ENI-CBC Med Programme, and is dedicated to promoting sustainability in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), recently organized a transformative training program called Business Boost Training. Organized by the Berytech Cluster4Green team and led by circularity expert John Rbeiz, the three-day workshop provided participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to transition towards a circular business model. With a focus on the Embrace methodology, the training offered practical guidance and culminated in a pitching competition. Out of the nine participating teams, five were selected to present their circular business ideas to a distinguished panel of jury members. The deliberation process allowed for valuable feedback and established connections, providing participants with further support and opportunities for collaboration in their ongoing journey towards circularity. Additionally, the selected winners were granted tailored support over the next four months to accelerate their progress and bring their circular business ideas to fruition. 

John Rbeiz, a renowned figure in circular economy practices, played an important role in delivering the training. With his extensive expertise and passion for sustainability, Rbeiz guided participants through the intricacies of circular business models and their potential benefits. 

After this workshop, we hope to create a success story at our office to inspire positive change throughout the company.

Sarah Ziadeh and Julia Boulos, Nursery Team at Robinson Agri

The training was carefully crafted to address the specific needs of MSMEs and guide them on their circular journey. John Rbeiz introduced the Embrace Toolkit, a powerful resource that offers practical methodologies for implementing circular practices within businesses. The toolkit enabled participants to analyze their current challenges and identify opportunities for circular innovation.

Rbeiz highlighted the challenges posed by the current linear system and showcased real-world examples to demonstrate how circular business models and strategies can unlock new opportunities while mitigating environmental risks. Participants gained valuable insights into the barriers and trade-offs associated with circular practices, equipping them with a holistic understanding of the circular economy’s implementation challenges.

As the main outcome, the participants created a hands-on roadmap that would enable them to transform their business from the traditional linear business model into a circular one, tackling several components in the value chain. 

We normally recycle glass as part of our circularity approach. We now learned that we can be even more sustainable by minimizing water usage, recycling electric wiring, and other elements that would normally go to waste.

Maria Abou Shebel, Lumivere

The final training day featured a pitching competition, allowing participants to showcase their circular business ideas in front of a panel of circularity experts including Krystel Khalil, Director of Programs at Berytech, Maya Karkour, Environmental and Circular Economy expert, and Randa Safah, Director of Finance and Start-up Consultant.

Five Winners were granted the opportunity to receive tailored support over the next four months, to further accelerate their progress towards circularity and potentially implement the new business model. The winners were PulP, Necess, Robinson Agri, Potion Kitchen, and Parsare SARL. 

MSMEs are now equipped to navigate the challenges of the linear economy and embark on a transformative journey towards circularity, fostering a greener and more sustainable future for all. 

CLUSTER4GREEN is an EU-funded project under the ENI-CBC Med Programme, and its geographic coverage is as follows: Italy, France, Spain, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan.

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