Inas Jarmakani launches the 2022 edition of the Inas Academic Awards Foundation: A door to investment and job security

Our first concern is the future of our youth, and in order to preserve Lebanon we must preserve its youth

The Inas Academic Awards Foundation launched its new edition for 2022, with the participation of eight Lebanese universities who attended a meeting at the invitation of the Foundation at the Smallville Hotel. 

The President of the Foundation, Mrs. Inas Jarmakani, welcomed the representatives of the universities, namely: the Lebanese University, Saint Joseph University, the Lebanese American University, the University of Balamand, the University of the Holy Spirit, Notre Dame University of Louaize, the American University of Science and Technology and Beirut Arab University. 

Jarmakani said: “Our first concern is the future of our youth, and in order to preserve Lebanon we must preserve its youth, and we have been keen to continue our cooperation with universities despite the difficulties the country is witnessing, and the responsibilities entrusted to universities at this stage, which we will overcome through cooperation”. 

Jarmakani pointed out that “the initiative is based on the presentation of five projects from each participating university, and a winning project will be selected from each university, which will be awarded a prize of 100 million Lebanese pounds, making the value of the prizes 800 million Lebanese pounds, all of which will be placed at the disposal of the Foundation. Berytech, with whom we signed a cooperation agreement, will help the winning students implement these projects and attract investments.” 

Jarmakani also added that “the Inas Academic Awards Foundation was keen this year to include agricultural projects in its list of projects, given the importance of this sector at this stage.”. 

She confirmed, “Our goal is not only for the student to win the financial prize, but for the project to be implemented in Lebanon and to open new job opportunities, and then we will not only have eight winners, but hundreds of winners who will benefit from the implementation of these projects.” 

Jarmakani concluded: “Our motto in the Foundation is Dare to dreamand no difficulty will deter us from dreaming and implementing the dreams of young people.”. 

Carla Saba, representative of Berytech, talked about the cooperation with the Foundation and the scholarships that will be available to students, and that will not be limited to financial awards. 

She stressed “the importance of encouraging various types of industries, especially food industries, as well as supporting technological projects,” and stressed “the importance of directing students to some fields based on the vision for Lebanon’s future and the role it can play, and sectors that are witnessing development at this stage and can be relied upon.” It should open up investment opportunities and secure job opportunities”. 

A dialogue between the representatives of universities followed, in which Jarmakani confirmed that the foundation will not withhold from supporting projects, in partnership with Berytech, even those that do not win the first place, pointing out that the financial prizes are only a first step that will be followed by a series of steps leading to the birth of projects and securing their success factors. 

Picture of Maria Chahine

Maria Chahine

Maria joined Berytech in May 2020 and is currently a Communication & Outreach Officer. She coordinates department activities, manages information, and facilitates internal operations within the Department of Communication and Outreach.

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