Fab Academy 2020 at the Berytech Fab Lab

For the third year now, Berytech Fab Lab will allow makers to be part of the global Fab Academy, a distributed educational program on Digital Fabrication, directed by Neil Gershenfield of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms, and delivered simultaneously in more than 60 fab labs across the world.

The Fab Academy Diploma consists of 20 different certificates in digital fabrication tools and disciplines, to be completed within 5 months, from January to June 2020.

During the Fab Academy program, global lectures are broadcasted every Wednesday. In the Berytech Fab Lab, we meet every Wednesday to review the local weekly assignments and follow the global lecture together. Thursdays are dedicated to the local classes whose topics vary each week. During the other days of the week, students have access to the Fab Lab machines, tools, and support.

The Fab Academy is ideal for students, artists, designers, teachers, engineers, computer scientists, professionals, researchers, fab lab managers, and all makers across Lebanon who like to tinker and make stuff, themselves.

Details on how to apply before December 15, 2019 are available online here.

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