FabricAID opens ‘Second Base’ Thrift and Vintage Store

By re-designing the clothing cycle, we help our community, our environment, our NGOs, and local businesses

FabricAID social startup announced recently that Second Base – a new thrift and vintage store was inaugurated in Gemmayze.

Co-founder and CEO Omar Itani comments, “Second Base is a concept store created to give a second chance to pre-loved, unique clothes while maintaining the humanitarian mission of our startup. It was created to feature and sell vintage, hipster, revealing, and extroverted clothing items that have been undesired by the marginalized communities that FabricAID mainly targets.”

Second Base doesn’t only sell vintage and thrift items, but also gives clients the opportunity to sell their clothes in return of 25% cashback and 50% store credit. All proceeds of Second Base are re-invested in FabricAID to sustain the social enterprise.

FabircAID is a startup social enterprise that was founded in 2017 to collect, sort, and redistribute clothes to disadvantaged communities at micro-prices (ranging from 500LBP to 3,000LBP) through permanent stores. “Our goal is to deliver good quality clothing into the hands of people who need them, while also reducing fabric waste and maintaining a dignified shopping experience,” explains Omar.

FabircAID currently holds Rank 6 on the Forbes sustainable startups in the Middle East and is endorsed by UN Environment and the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon. “By re-designing the clothing cycle, we help our community, our environment, our NGOs, and local businesses,” continues Omar.

Indeed, by helping disadvantaged communities get access to good quality clothing  at micro-prices, the startup reduces fabric waste, protects the environment, support NGOs, and creates job opportunities.

The priority of the clothes collected always goes to people in need. To be a contributor to this cycle, visit the FabricAID website to find out more about how a few forgotten items in your closet can make a huge impact.

FabricAID is currently enrolled in Berytech’s Impact Rise Social Entrepreneurship Program, and is a previous winner of the GSVC Competition managed by Berytech in the region.

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