GIMED: first regional online training for green investors

Positive investments are needed to achieve positive impacts: with this goal in mind, we are actively working on this first e-learning platform.

While there is a global consensus in the need to transition into a more environmentally sustainable economy, why then, are green entrepreneurs still facing severe difficulties when looking for funding?

It is widely known that these businesses have always been linked to a high risk and a low investment return, especially in the Mediterranean region, where this kind of venture is still not so common. The lack of information on the sector and on the impact and profitability of these organizations has led to inefficient allocation of capital. 

The GIMED team is very aware of that, and one of the strategic objectives of our project is to move the needle on this situation: we are working across the region to facilitate the access to finance for green business and to cover the gaps the entrepreneurs face – both in terms of economic and technical resources –  during the ideation and early stages.

Positive investments are needed to achieve positive impacts: with this goal in mind, we are actively working on this first e-learning platform.  

This tool will help potential investors  better understand the sector and the different institutional frameworks in the region, delving into the concepts of Green and Circular Economy and the proven benefits of including this kind of investments in their portfolios. 

The business opportunities are many, and the e-learning platform is being designed as an interactive space where the investors can discover these investment options. With a practical and regional approach, this unique virtual space identifies strategic sectors both at national and local level that have already been distinguished as market opportunities with a high investment potential.

On top of that, we will introduce several financial actors that are currently working in the region and the funding mechanisms they have been successfully implementing to support green startups. All these resources will be presented along with business cases of Mediterranean entrepreneurs that have already built sustainable solutions placing the environment in the center of their business model. 

We believe that this tool will be an exceptional service to support the financial sector and green entrepreneurs in aligning their objectives and enhancing their mutual understanding.  

We are working hard to launch it as soon as possible, so keep tuned for more news!


Berytech is the official partner of the GIMED program in Lebanon empowering green entrepreneurs at the idea and growth stage in addition to green experts.

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