GIMED: News 1 about the EU Green Deal

To finance this new Green Deal, it will require significant investments from both the EU and the national public sector

The GIMED Green Impact Med project aims at boosting the development of green and eco-innovative entrepreneurs in 5 Mediterranean countries (Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Palestine and Tunisia) by  creating the required environment and improving knowledge base to better access finance and markets, creating jobs and driving the green and circular economy in the region.

With an important investment in green and circular economy committed through the European Green Deal, the European Union is today the frontrunner to become the first carbon neutral economy by 2050. With the aim of keeping you updated on the Union’s strategy to become a more resource-efficient and competitive economy, we will publish a monthly EU news  to share useful news about the for our GIMED community.

GIMED May 2020 EU News 

On 22nd of May 2020, the EU new action plan for circular economy was adopted, creating a new level playing field for many sectors towards more circularity in design, production and consumption and waste reuse. We now want to take a closer look on how much this new Green Deal will cost and what is in the EU pipeline to finance this transition to a green Europe and its commitment to become the first climate-neutral continent in the world by 2050.  We will give you also links to two very interesting EU factsheets about Investments that are already in progress to green the economy [1] and about investing in a climate neutral and circular economy [2].

To finance this new Green Deal, it will require significant investments from both the EU and the national public sector, as well as the private sector. Several actions are currently being integrated in the decision process of the European Institutions. 

In mid-January the Commission adopted a communication on the European Green Deal’s Investment Plan – the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan. This Sustainable Europe Investment Plan [3] will mobilize public investment and help to unlock private funds through EU financial instruments, notably InvestEU, which would lead to at least €1 trillion of investments.

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