‘GSVC Green Startups’ Featured in «Fondation Diane» Latest Citizen Café


“I would like my country to be a pioneer in the area, to deserve its name of “Switzerland of the Middle-East”, to be an example of good management of natural resources, to guarantee decent living conditions to its people: healthy food, clean air, pure water, protected nature and green landscapes, modern and environment-friendly urbanism.” With this determination, Diana Fadel created a leading organization for civic awareness and eco-sustainable development.

“Citizen Café” is a regular meet up that «Fondation Diane» organizes for concerned Lebanese citizens to discuss, debate and exchange experience on various environmental and civic awareness subjects. ‘Green Startups’, the latest edition of ‘Citizen Café’ merged both subjects, gathering around it more than 55 people at L’Appartement Sioufi on April 14, 2016.

IMG_3177  IMG_3176

Activists, NGOs, green entrepreneurs and sustainability-driven businesses engaged in a passionate conversation on eco-sustainability and green innovation. Participants included founders of Nar, Carpolo and Riego, the winners of the Global Social Ventures Competition that was organized by Berytech in partnership with «Fondation Diane» and USJ and aimed at supporting green innovation in Lebanon.

Participants debated the barriers towards a greener future in Lebanon pinpointing factors such as the lack of awareness to the importance of sustainable development and a generally dismissive culture, coupled with the lack of government support and legislation. Participants highlighted the power of private initiatives like «Fondation Diane» that raise awareness and support green innovation. They also emphasized the role and the decisive impact of government financial incentives, to encourage citizens and corporations to invest in green businesses.



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