Hackathon Brings the Techies to Berytech Digihive-BDD1294

Application designers, developers and tech entrepreneurs joined the 12hour ultralight Hackathon on Saturday 3rd of April 2014 starting 8am at Berytech Digihive CoWorking place. Groups were coworking around the digihive tables, each assigned a different task, distributed randomly through a balloons game.

This event was organized in partnership with Beirut Digital District, Al Mawarid Bank, and Middle East Venture Partners. Other partners were also critical to the success of the event, including our training partners (Perform, Game Cooks, Rawad Hajj, and Dani Arnaout), our innovation partners (Apstrata, Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie, Amideast, WSI Lebanon), and our media and community partners (Wamda, Cloud961, Alliance for Social Entrepreneurship, Netherlands Game Award, The Tech-Ticker, Berytech).


At 9 pitching sessions started. After an hour of pitches, the jury announced the top three winners. The first place went to team CtrlCity (Karim Frenn, Guy Daher, Sami Ramly) that worked on a weather app that suggests what clothing to wear, either at home or while traveling. The second place went to team Green Apple (Georges Kanaan and Yara Kanaan), 15 and 11 years old respectively. They worked on a fitness counter that counts repetitive body movements. The third place went to team Dusty Cartridge (Fouad Tabsh, George Habr, Carl Farra) that built a song trivia game.

Notable mentions include Team Urth ( Samir Kazah, Hussam Kazah, Anass Kazah) that built an original Pacman game with a twist, Team V8 (Suhail Yazji, AbdulRahman El Hamali) that build an NFC based contact info sharing app, and Team Blue Dot (Mohammad Al Amin, Firas Wazneh) that built a Tinder-like application for pets.
At 10 started the fun and networking contestant got the opportunity to finally meet discuss their ideas and build connection for the future.


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