Hardware prototyping at Berytech Fab Lab

Berytech Fab Lab at Lamba Labs Show&Tell

Berytech Fab Lab at Lamba Labs Show&Tell

The team from the recently-launched Berytech Fab Lab joined the Show & Tell event organized by Lamba Labs under the theme Rapid Prototyping Opportunities for Start-ups, part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week initiative in Lebanon.


Wael Khalil, Berytech Fab Lab Coordinator presented the opportunities and capabilities the lab offers. “It is a great place for hardware-related start-ups to build their prototypes and grow further,” explained Khalil.


Berytech joined a community of makers including Eng. Alaa Salam, Biomedical Engineer and Lamba Labs Beirut Hackerspace – Organizational Member who gave an introduction to Rapid Prototyping.


Berytech Fab Lab is an open-access digital fabrication workshop bringing together a great community of makers and innovators.

The Fab Lab provides access to the best contemporary technologies and tools, the resources of a worldwide Fab Lab network, as well as, Berytech’s own design and manufacturing experts to help build your prototypes.

Learn more here.

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