Berytech Impact Report 2019

This report showcases the impact of Berytech’s activities in supporting startups and SMEs, creating a nurturing ecosystem for entrepreneurs and propagating entrepreneurship in Lebanon with a specific focus on the year 2019.


97startups Supported

Through our programs and competitions in 2019

$1.38MRevenue Generated

As reported back by 37 active startups that Berytech supported in 2019

$12KReceived in Loans

As reported back by 37 active startups that Berytech supported in 2019

5New Companies Incorporated

Of the startups that Berytech supported, 5 reported getting incorporated in 2019

$610KInvestment Raised

As reported back by 37 active startups that Berytech supported in 2019

52New Jobs Created

As reported back by 37active startups that Berytech supported in 2019

$154KReceived in Grants

As reported back by 37 active startups that Berytech supported in 2019

70Unique Entrepreneurs Supported

Through Berytech programs, trainings and related activities

116 community events icon

116Community Events

Organized by Berytech in 2019

129 hosted companies icon

161Hosted Companies

throughout the Berytech 3 sites in 2019

73Trainings and workshops

Managed by Berytech’s Business Support and Development Department in 2019

12Programs managed

With local and international partners


Berytech aims to catalyze the growth of startups ensuring long-term sustainability of their businesses while assuring that they have constant and updated access to all the resources they need to scale-up.

Programs Participants in 2019

Development & Capacity Building Activities in 2019


Under the broad umbrella of fueling and supporting entrepreneurship, Berytech’s main activities and programs fall under several industry verticals: Food and Agriculture, Information Communication Technology, Clean Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Technology Transfer, SME Development, and Women Empowerment.

The following is an overview of the programs and projects developed and managed during 2019.


Advances in technology are key to the future of food and agriculture, given the global challenges presented and the need for innovation to address them.


Berytech has been working with local and international organizations to generate and encourage innovation and research in the fields of water, energy and food using the NEXUS approach, and support entrepreneurs by collaborating with different industry players and by offering prizes at each stage of their startup’s development.


In an increasingly digitized world, ICT has become the vital enabler of transformation for business, academia and government. Berytech recognizes the importance of building a foundation for innovation that empowers young innovators to develop startup solutions that address economic and development challenges. 


Berytech was the first technology magnet in Lebanon and the region providing a conducive environment for the creation and development of Lebanese startups and SMEs. Our model has proven successful thanks to our rigorous corporate governance standards aligned with international ones.


As the popularity of social startups surges, attracting both talent and funding, Berytech has been intently working on supporting social entrepreneurs, as part of its mission to support entrepreneurship in general and by creating a dedicated support track for social entrepreneurs in particular.


Berytech has been leading on setting a national innovation strategy for Lebanon since 2017, as there is a need to develop the technology transfer landscape in Lebanon and encourage the development of researches that address market needs turning them into commercial startups, or better, connecting them with industrialists.


Within this track, Berytech aims to motivate women to launch, grow and succeed in their own ventures by creating customized programs, competitions and tracks and identifying successful role models; and influence policies towards the support of women entrepreneurs especially in the digital sector.


Berytech provides entrepreneurs with hosting facilities while serving their needs in terms of space, infrastructure and value-added services. This allows them to grow within its community and build interconnected networks of like-minded innovators. It also gives them the chance to exchange expertise and knowledge.

Innovation Parks in 2019

Berytech currently runs 3 sites in Lebanon serving entrepreneurs in the greater Beirut Area, with a fourth innovation park planned in Amchit. Members of the Berytech community, including hosted tenants and alumni, have access to all the programs, competitions, networks and resources that Berytech offers. 


within the three sites

14Meeting facilities

in the three sites

161Companies hosted

in the three sites

544Persons working

in the three sites


in the three sites

Berytech Fab Lab in 2019

The Berytech Fab Lab opened in October 2017, co-funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Berytech. It is the sole organization in Lebanon member of the Fab Foundation, the main international authority certifying Fab Labs around the world, offering a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, aiming at turning ideas into prototypes. 

The Berytech Fab Lab is an open-access digital fabrication lab bringing together a great community of makers and offering top of the art machines for hardware and electronics fabrication. 

The Berytech Fab Lab proposes workshops to develop makers’ skills and competencies in hardware and software usage. It also gives Lebanese makers access to local and international networks of makers and entrepreneurs.

73 trainings & workshops icon


organized in 2019

31 startups graduated icon


from the Fab Academy 2019


Berytech’s role is multifold in building an all-inclusive ecosystem for its own entrepreneurs while contributing to the growth of the Lebanese entrepreneurial ecosystem in general. It has helped shape the cultural norms of the society in accepting and supporting the concept of entrepreneurship, while its different activities continue to push new avant-garde concepts. Berytech serves as a nucleus in connecting different stakeholders in the ecosystem and it strives to influence policymakers and legislating bodies to issue laws that benefit the ecosystem.

These numbers reflect our cumulative impact up to 2019

141+Startups Incorporated

official registered as a company


by the startups and SMEs supported at Berytech

350+Companies hosted

over the years in the three sites


over the years in different programs

US$70M+Invested in Startups

through IM Capital and Berytech Fund I & II

US$26.5MTo Manage Programs

raised by Berytech through different programs

US$2.0MGrants to Startups

given through different programs