Be Buyer-Led. Produce What You Can Sell, Don’t Sell What You Produce.

The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with the goal of increasing employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens. It is implemented by Chemonics International and has Berytech Foundation as business promotion partner for Beirut/Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon.

Latest News

LED Virtual Talks 2020

The USAID funded Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) Project is launching a series of Virtual Talks for enterprises to learn how to sustain and expand their businesses during crises.

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LED Project Annual Program Statement

Are you planning to develop and grow your business? Are you producing goods or offering services that are in high-demand due to COVID-19 crisis? Apply today via LED’s Annual Program Statement (APS) launched recently.

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About the Project

The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) offers customized technical assistance to local businesses to help them identify and solve the problems that are preventing them from increasing sales, and therefore from needing to hire more Lebanese.

LED works throughout Lebanon with a central office in Beirut. Regional business promotion partners cover Beirut-Mount Lebanon, Bekaa, North and South Lebanon. LED’s partners include Berytech Foundation for Beirut-Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon. 

LED also works with stakeholders and partners to identify, analyze, and propose solutions to problems that are affecting the business enabling environment. 

Create Jobs

Help create jobs by increasing the competitiveness and enhancing the growth of Lebanese client firms

Improve Lebanon’s business-enabling environment

Improved policies, regulations, or administrative constraints to doing business that will contribute to reducing the cost of doing business, increasing investment, or having other beneficial impacts, thereby accelerating private sector growth and job creation.

Communicate Results

Communicate results and share project knowledge with the public and private sectors

Funded by United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Due to multiple challenges, Lebanon’s private sector is lagging in creating economic opportunities and jobs, particularly for youth and women. Through LED’s activities and impact, USAID aims to advance socioeconomic development, empower youth and women, and spur economic growth and stability. LED Project is implemented by Chemonics Beirut S.A.R.L.

Project Duration

Base Period: October 2017 – September 2020

Project Budget

$24.3 million over 5 years

Project Partners

Berytech Foundation (LED’s business promotion partner for Beirut/Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South Lebanon); BIAT (LED’s business promotion partner for Northern Lebanon); business associations, syndicates, and chambers of commerce; business consultants and consulting firms; other business service providers; other development partner projects/programs; and others.

“As a result of LED’s support, SMEs will see their sales increase, creating a need for more labor, and stronger buyer-seller relationships will sustain growth and result in lasting and better employment opportunities.”

Meet The Team

Berytech has hired regional business advisors who are primarily responsible for identifying private sector client firms, diagnosing the needed assistance, and implementing enterprise growth plans that increase their sales and create jobs.  

Need more info?

If you have any questions or need information, please call us on 01 – 481 291/3 (LED implementor – Chemonics), or on 01 – 649 555 ext. 6062 (LED business promotion partner – Berytech).