The approach & Application

LED applies a problem-solving buyer-led approach to help Lebanese SMEs increase their sales and hire more Lebanese citizens. The Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with the goal of increasing employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens.

About the Buyer-led Approach

The LED Project prioritizes support for businesses that produce goods and services for a known buyer or market and assists selected enterprises to identify specific buyer/s and understand their requirements, diagnose the key enterprise-level constraints that hinder the signing of sales contracts with the buyer/s, and address these constraints using tailored solutions. 

LED also prioritizes selected business enabling environment problems and works with the private sector to analyze these issues and propose the needed solutions.

How Does LED Assist Businesses?

As needed, LED helps clients identify, engage, and/or organize their suppliers.

Demand from the final market, expressed through orders for goods or services produced by clients, fuels clients’ growth (increases sales) and can drive clients and their suppliers to hire more people.

To help clients grow their sales, LED helps them to identify the problems that stand in the way of new and/or better orders and then provides customized assistance through Lebanese or international consultants, consulting firms, or other business service providers (BSP). 

The types of assistance that LED offers – tailored to the needs of our clients, falls into the following categories 

  • Identify new buyers/markets
  • Improve sales and marketing
  • Improve transport, logistics and distribution
  • Improve/upgrade product design, packaging and branding
  • Upgrade production techniques
  • Enhance quality control systems
  • Identify/organize new suppliers
  • Upgrade technological innovation
  • Access credit/finance
  • Improve management practices
  • Improve human resource development
  • Improve knowledge management

LED uses a methodology known as the buyer-led approach to guide how it delivers support and achieves impact.

The Ideal Candidate

LED can support businesses in almost any sector, including but not limited to agriculture/agro-industry, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, ICT/media, industry, services, tourism/hospitality, trade, and other industries.

Ideal LED clients are businesses that can show that with LED support they will be able to hire more Lebanese citizens; know their customers or potential customers; can be supported cost effectively; and are willing and able to cost share.

Complete and submit the LED Contact Form & Expression of Interest using the following link.

Need more info?

If you have any questions or need information, please call us on 01 – 481 291/3 (LED implementor – Chemonics), or on 01 – 649 555 ext. 6062 (LED business promotion partner – Berytech).