How to Cost when Local Currency Devaluates ( The Program )

The Lebanese Pound has devalued significantly during the past year, hurting all businesses in Lebanon. In this context, LED organized a webinar about how to cost when local currency devaluates last March. More than 300 individuals attended and many questions about this topic kept on flowing. LED has now designed this full program, including an online workshop followed by one-on-one coaching sessions and expert review and recommendations to support 30 selected SMEs with this topic.

Applications are now closed.

The Program's Details

The goal of this program is to assist 30 selected SMEs with growth potential to optimize their costing and pricing so that they can better navigate these turbulent times. These SMEs will be grouped into 3 cohorts (10 SMEs each) and they will be assisted through a 3-part approach as outlined below.

Phase I: Online Workshop

  • One full day event covering the following topics:
    • Cost structure
    • Pricing method
    • Costing and Pricing in dual currency
    • Break-even
    • Importance of Management Accounts
  • Expected participants: 20 (two per company)
  • Participants Profile: Chief Accountant, GM, Finance Manager

Phase II: One to One SME Coaching Sessions

10 days after the workshop, the SMEs will benefit from one-on-one coaching sessions to follow-up on the implementation of phase 1 outcome

  • Each SME needs to send its files 4 days prior to the session so the expert can prepare
  • Expected participants: 2-3 per company

      Phase III: Review and Recommendations

      1 week after the first one-on-one session, the SME will benefit from a review session to validate the application and provide final recommendation

      • Expected participants: 2-3 companies

              Who can Apply

              LED will solicit interest from companies and organize them into the following 3 cohorts of 10 companies each (30 SMEs). Companies will be grouped by similar business activities as follows:

              Group A: Production businesses

              • Manufacturing (general)
              • Manufacturing (agro/food processing)

              Group B: Services businesses

              • Information, communications, technology (ICT)
              • Professional services, incl. engineering, architecture, design
              • Creative, e.g., media, consulting, etc.

                  Group C: Services businesses

                  • Tourism and hospitality and related services

                          Meet the Expert

                          Hadia Abdel Massih

                          Co-founder and Managing Partner, Abdelmassih Audit Firm

                          Hadia Abdel Massih is a Certified Public Accountant LCPA and expert accountant at the Commercial Court of Beirut. Hadia holds bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s in Finance from Saint Joseph University (USJ). Abdelmassih Audit Firm was founded by Hadia in 2004, specializes in providing accounting expertise and audit services for companies and associations in Lebanon, Egypt, United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. Abdelmassih Audit Firm has over 15 years of experience in corporate finance and accounting in addition to audit expertise in several sectors ranging from healthcare to industrial activity. Hadia has provided valuable consultancy and management services to businesses during their initiation, growth, and expansions phases at the local and international levels.

                          Applications are now closed.

                          Need more info?

                          If you have any questions or need information, please call us on 01 – 481 291/3 (LED implementor – Chemonics), or on 01 – 649 555 ext. 6062 (LED business promotion partner – Berytech).