The USAID funded Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) Project launched a series of Virtual Talks for enterprises to learn how to sustain and expand their businesses during crises. 

This series of topic-focused webinars featured international and local experts who presented strategies and practical solutions that companies can adopt to advance their businesses and return to growth. 

The topics were carefully selected to keep up with the current trends and stay up to date with what is happening around the world. Through these webinars, companies also learned how they could benefit from LED’s customized technical assistance.

Webinar 1: Why digital is eating the world... and what to do about it

In this webinar, Fernando Polo reviewed a framework with three areas of work: customer experience, business models and digital leadership and operations to help companies become more agile, data driven and human-centred. Some cases were reviewed and insights and tools for small and medium size enterprises were presented and could be taken away for immediate action.

Webinar 2: Increase Profits through Quality Certifications

In the past, management gurus stated that “Quality is free”. Today, quality has become a profitable endeavor. While implementing management systems does reduce variations, defects, complaints, and waste, its new function is to open new markets for exports and attract new clients to a trustable portfolio. During the webinar, experts discussed how this increase in profitability is achieved through quality certifications implementation.

Webinar 3: How to Access New Markets?

Lebanon’s economy relies more on imports and few on local production to satisfy the market needs. Due to the current economic situation, locally produced goods are much more needed, and a lot of Lebanese industrialists are grabbing the opportunity to produce locally. SMEs are also looking for ways to export their goods, capitalizing on the quality of their products, and hoping to bring fresh money that will ease the cost of buying raw materials balance. During this webinar, experts explained the export process and the tips and tricks that SMEs should consider while preparing for exports. 

Webinar 3.2: How to Access New Markets? Insightful Cases

In this part 2 session, experts will be presenting actual business cases while sharing different strategies to penetrate new markets, find the right distribution channels, and launch the new product. The talk will particularly shed light on the need of selecting the right country, the right target markets, and how to set up your export sales by finding the right distribution channels for your products focusing on FMCG, OTC, Pharmaceutical, and ICT sectors.

Webinar 4: How To Cost When Local Currency Devaluates

Costing your product in a dynamic, variant, and challenging environment is always a hurdle no matter what industry you are in.
Pricing your product and services in such an environment is sensitive as it may lead to a drastic drop in your customer base or eating your profit margin.

Webinar 5: E-Commerce Inside Out

Do you want to know how to successfully have an e-commerce business side? From customer journey to logistics, and handling customers. Join us for an A-to-Z webinar including Do’s and Don’ts from subject matter experts and people who walked the talk.


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