USAID LED Project – Crisis Management Workshop for SMEs

The workshops provided business owners with a better understanding of crisis management.

In light of the recent events in Lebanon, the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development (LED) project, with its local partner Berytech, kicked off a series of Crisis Management Workshops for SMEs to help them better manage their companies during the current crisis. 

The workshops provided business owners with a better understanding of crisis management and offered the needed tools and frameworks to help them understand the crisis’ impact on their business. They also learned how to develop adequate mitigation plans to navigate the crisis in the best way possible and with minimal repercussions. 

The workshops consisted of four sessions over two consecutive days discussing topics such as managing theventure’s cash flow during crisis, developing crisis and management plan, aligning people and customers during crisis and how to communicate effectively during these challenging times. The workshops were delivered by Berytech’s Senior Coach and Investment Advisor Constantin Salameh. 

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