Innovation in Fashion at the June Edition of the Berytech Meetups

The June’18 edition of the Berytech Meetups powered by GIST hosted experts, entrepreneurs and designers to talk about the trends and innovations in the fashion industry as part of the Berytech’s partnership with Beirut Design Week.

Lebanese American University – Yesr Saab

In her talk Yesr Saab, discusses the rapid rise of the digital world while fashion industries were slow in harnessing the power of technologies that would benefit them in marketing and sales. Existing markets are struggling because of the lack of adoption of technology while emerging markets have been already integrated in the technology ecosystem. She explains that the new consumera are mobile-driven with an abundancy of products that are being offered to them. They are lost in choice and have difficulty in making decisions. They are interested in something that is different from what is being offered. They have sailed away from fast fashion and are stressing on customized products and personalized experience. They are attracted by sustainability and encourage eco-fashion. Companies like Circular system are creating textiles from food waste and textile waste. Online customized experiences include virtual makeovers which allows customers to experiment with makeup online and virtual dressing rooms that allow customers to try clothes without actually being in the store. To catch up, brick and mortar stores are integrating Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to re-invent the in-store experience. An example is the voice activated mirror that acts as a digital shopping as for price and choice decision, customizing the merchandizing mix and reducing the massive inventory. Discover more fashion-tech trends in the full video here:


Nada G Jewelry – Nada Ghazal

Founder and creative director Nada Ghazal launched her brand 14 years ago and has witnessed the evolution of technology in terms of how it has shaped the product, process and customer experience. Computer generated drawings have changed the way jewelry designers were able to materialize their ideas down to the last details while machines like 3D printing, Laser cutting and laser welding have changed the production, time and quality aspects of jewelry production. In the meantime, the internet has helped designers reach international markets faster and at less expense. With luxury brands, there are pole who want to get in contact with the piece, so retail is balancing with e-commerce in the industry. Read more on how Nada is getting ahead of the curve in technology in the complete video below:


Berytech Fund II – Danny Maalouly

Berytech Fund II has done 18 investments in the sectors of information and communication technology, fashion design, digital content, digital media, industrial design and renewable energy. As investors, BFII looks for a unique product that will disrupt other markets and take market share, a validated product that has traction, a strong team and the exit potential. Watch the full talk to learn more about the ecosystem, financing institutions and financing options available:


Here’s a quick roundup of tips and advices from the speakers:



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Josette Noujaim

Josette is a multi-passionate creative who has been supporting Berytech’s communication team since 2015. She uses her experience in digital communication to help shape the online presence of companies across different industries.

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