ISOC Gather for a Better Internet

On October 18, 6 PM, ISOC Lebanon members and Internauts gathered at L’atelier restaurant, at Berytech Technology Health, for two hours to enjoy a jovial atmosphere and network with Internet decision makers, stakeholders, activists and talents. During the event, the audience learnt about ISOC’s programs, plans and activities and discussed the Internet advancement in Lebanon.

Nabil Bukhalid, ISOC Lebanon President, started by a presentation aimed to:
1. Promote and market ISOC programs and activities to university students and fresh graduates and recruit “ISOC Young Generation” leaders, talents and volunteers.
2. Recruit volunteers for the IPv6 Task Force, DNSSEC Task Force and Internet QOS work group
3. Launch ISOC University Clubs
4. Fish for new ideas.
The event attracted more than 100 participants. A good number of registrants came from University students and young technologists. It was also an opportunity for those who wanted to take an active role in shaping ISOC Lebanon to join or upgrade their membership to Voting Members.
HE Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui, Minister of Telecommunications, exposed the latest ministry plans especially the status of the fiber network, increase in Internet bandwidth, mobile penetration in Lebanon, plans to improve the Internet quality of service, and other.
Ms Salam Yamout, the National ICT Strategy Coordinator at the PCM, returning from the first Arab IGF in Kuwait, explained that the Lebanon “youth” participation was a stroke of genius; the Lebanese were young, free, outspoken, driven, and really stood apart as a delegation and contributed positively to the debate. Beirut IX was also featured as success story because all other arab IXPs are controlled by governments or operators. “This said, we must get Ogero and fiber to our IXP so we continue being a success story despite the little traffic peering up there! “, she explained.
“It was a very interesting opportunity to learn from other’s experience and to have a good time”, said Jacques BouAbdo, in charge of ISOC University Club program.
The event was calm, professional, engaging and the target of the gathering was met. The Minister has put a nice flavor to the event in terms of support to ISOC Lebanon initiative and appreciation.

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