Lebanese Agri-Food Innovations on World Food Innovations Platform

Cluster members increase their visibilities and attract stakeholders, partners, and investors

As Lebanon’s first agri-food innovation cluster, QOOT fosters collaboration, strengthens linkages and increases opportunities for the country’s food sector, promoting it to a new level of innovation and global recognition.

Championed by Berytech and the Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands in Lebanon, and supported by Food Valley NL, QOOT Custer is built on a solid foundation of entrepreneurship and extensive experience in food innovation and cluster management. “We are driven by a resolve to strengthen every aspect of Lebanon’s agri-food sector and help it attain both regional and international acclaim,” explains Jihane Chahla, QOOT Cluster Manager.

Through its platform World Food Innovations, Food Valley NL aims to accelerate AgFood innovation worldwide in order to contribute to an optimal quality of life.

World Food Innovations is a unique platform to discover and share developments, insights and innovative solutions, helping in stimulating global cooperation, innovation and business. Lebanese innovators in agri-food are now able to showcase on the platform. 

Part of the objectives of QOOT as a cluster is to find opportunities to showcase Lebanese Agri-food innovations worldwide. “Showcasing on this platform is an opportunity for our cluster members to increase their visibilities and to attract both European and international stakeholders, partners, and investors,” concludes Chahla.

So far, Lebanese innovators showcasing on the platform include Eshmoon, Crown Flour Mills, Smart Gourmet, Hum’n Go, Robinson Agri, Al Rifai, and Technologix. All are members of the QOOT Cluster.


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