A Lebanese-Italian Fab Lab training at Berytech

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FabLab Lazio Roma Training_1

 The Berytech Fab Lab recently hosted a four-day training session in partnership with the Fab Lab Lazio Roma.


The Fab Lab training was implemented by the Italian cooperation and the Lazio region, within the Lebanese Host Communities Support Programme (LHSP), and powered by the Business Innovation Center of the Lazio Region, in partnership with UNDP.


Lebanese-Italian Collaboration

The introduction training course was conducted on Fab Lab and digital innovation, by fab lab managers from the Lazio Region in Italy (FabLab Lazio Roma), at the Berytech Fab Lab in Mar Roukoz. This is made possible since the Berytech Fab Lab is a member of the worldwide Fab Lab Network.


Participants included members from the Association of Local Economic Development Agency of Beirut Southern Suburbs (ALEDA BSS), the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Saida (CCIAS), and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle (CCIAZ), as well as socio-economic officers from UNDP.


FabLab Lazio Roma Training_2The training

The theoretical training included talks on the Maker movement, Open Source (Arduino), Tinkering method and prototype, Foundations of electronics and prototyping, core circuits and integrated circuits, 3D printing: overview of tools, Laser and vinyl cutting: overview of tools, and an overview of CNC milling machine.


The Practical training included Arduino and electrical circuits: connecting LED and switches, actuators and sensors, electrical measurements: multi-meter and oscilloscope, using electronic design software: Silhouette, Fritzing and Eagle, manual exercises with vinyl cut accessories, two-dimensional modelling for laser engraving and laser cutting, and using the laser cutter.


Our mission is to create a maker’s community in Lebanon, and these kinds of trainings and workshops fit right in,” comments Wael Khalil, Berytech Fab Lab Coordinator. “We are very happy to be able to benefit from the large network of the worldwide Fab Lab.


Berytech Fab Lab is an open-access digital fabrication workshop bringing together a great community of makers and innovators in Lebanon. It is funded by the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Berytech under the Agrytech Program.

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