LED Talks at Byblos Bank: E-Commerce in a Glance

Posted on February 20, 2019

This is the first of a series of themed workshops that LED is going to organize across Lebanon.”

LED Talk E-Commerce

E-Commerce Workshop by LED

Within the USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development – LED project, Berytech collaborated with Byblos Bank to organize an e-commerce workshop titled LED Talks: E-Commerce in a Glance.

The event targeted more than 70 SMEs and entrepreneurs who were interested to know how e-commerce tools could help grow their businesses and how they could benefit from LED’s customized technical assistance and Byblos Bank’s SME products. This is the first of a series of themed workshops that LED is going to organize across Lebanon.

Douglas Griffith, LED Managing Director said: “Despite the multiple challenges, we are confident that LED, combined with the drive and expertise of Lebanon’s entrepreneurs, will boost economic growth and jobs, and significantly contribute to Lebanon’s march towards prosperity.”

“Byblos Bank is determined to provide full support and assistance to Lebanese businesses by exposing them to expert consulting firms and offering the product and services that can help them grow and keep up with technology trends,” explained Elie Abou Khalil, Head of Group Retail Products Department at Byblos Bank. 

Rami Audi from Clouds, a digital marketing agency, shared insights about e-commerce trends and opportunities in Lebanon and advised the participants on many practical aspects of launching an e-commerce business.


USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development LED Project

USAID Lebanon Enterprise Development – LED’s main objective is to increase employment opportunities for Lebanese citizens by helping local businesses to grow and become more competitive.

The program offers customized technical assistance to local businesses, delivered by expert consultants or consulting firms, to help them identify and solve problems that are limiting their growth, productivity, and profitability. LED supports businesses of all sizes and from many sectors.

Berytech is LED Business Promotion Partner for Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa and South. Berytech has deployed Regional Business Advisors to the market with primary role to identify private sector client firms, diagnosing the needed assistance, and implementing enterprise growth plans that increase their sales and create jobs for Lebanese citizens.