LIRA and Berytech Sign A Collaboration Agreement For The Support Of The Lebanese Industrial Innovation



H.E Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan, Minister of Industry & Mr. Maroun Chammas, Chairman and CEO of Berytech signed an official Memorandum of understanding in the scope of the collaboration for the Lira program, aiming at supporting the industrial technology innovation in Lebanon

The launch event took place at Berytech during a formal lunch on May 11, 2016, gathering key stakeholders, academicians and industry experts who support technology innovations, entrepreneurs and engineers.

Lira program aims at building effective cooperation between industry, academia and research centers to address the research and development needs of the Lebanese industry, empowering the industrial sector with innovations worthy of promoting competitiveness and productivity. The program works closely with universities (engineering faculties) to support young talented innovators in their technology inventions and projects.


By joining the “Lira” network as a partner, Berytech will add the entrepreneurship component to the program, giving the opportunity for Lira winners for turning their projects into viable startup projects.

This Memorandum of Understanding brings a common goal of developing the set of capacity building activities for young talents & university students in the context of LIRA program, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging participants to consider entrepreneurship while presenting their technology innovation and learn what it takes to turn their innovations into startup models.

The collaboration will focus on bridging education and entrepreneurship, by jointly promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through cooperation between the institutions, in order to present the students with alternative career paths, promote entrepreneurship and provide tools and frameworks through which this objective may be realized.


Mr. Maroun N Chammas added: “Our gathering today brings a great opportunity for the Lebanese innovators, bridging industrial technology innovation and entrepreneurship, offering a new opportunity for Lira applicants to turn their inventions into startup projects. The product development track is one of Berytech main strategic priorities since we believe it adds lot of value to the Lebanese economy, creates job opportunities and retain talents. This collaboration presents a golden opportunity for all parties, combining a variety of resources, expertise and networks, to support talented technologists in their product development process.”

In the scope of this initiative, Berytech will be offering an incubation prize for up to 3 projects with an adapted support program including: coaching, hosting, access to trainings and workshops, support in funding and networking.

About LIRA:
“Building effective cooperation between industry, academia, and research centers to address the research and development needs of the Lebanese industry, empower the industrial sector with innovations leading to the promotion of competitiveness and productivity, and achieving a transition from a welfare economy to a knowledge-based economy”
Since its inception, the LIRA program has managed to provide researchers in universities and vocational schools career opportunities that suit their capabilities and potential. Furthermore, the program has brought about a great achievement for the national industrial sector by increasing its competitiveness, creating higher added value products, developing production lines, and by introducing locally-made low cost high-tech production equipment.


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