Loop Scooters Launches First Electric Bike Fleet in Beirut

Loop SAL, a provider of electric scooter shared fleet services and technology, announced the official launch of the first commercial electric scooter fleet sharing service in the Middle East and Africa region. Berytech Fund II is the main investor in Loop SAL with a total investment of USD1.3M.  The launch in Beirut is set for May 18, 2017.

Beirut will be the first city to deploy a fleet of shared electric scooters under the Loop brand. “The initial fleet consists of 15 scooters to be increased by an additional 55 scooters in July 2017. These are exciting times for Loop SAL” said Anwar Sukkarie, Chairman of Loop SAL.

LOOP aims to deploy commercial field trials in other cities in the region, followed by commercial rollouts.

“In the past few months, Loop SAL has actively engaged target markets that correspond to our Loop service subscriber profile” said Mira Raham, General Manager of Loop SAL. “The response has been very encouraging with over 100 potential subscribers expressing interest in the Loop service and in applying for Loop once it becomes available. Loop SAL is now ready to commence with offering a commercially-viable Loop service with limited functionality and features aiming at generating revenue, real-time market tests and analysis, technology deployment fine-tuning, and establishing the first commercial Loop hub at Berytech Digital District in Beirut. The launch amounts to a 3-month commercial field trial aiming at a full launch in July.”

The initial deployment will be for 15 Loop scooters available to select control groups as of May 18, 2017. Full commercial rollout is planned for later in July 2017 and will involve 55 scooters in total and the introduction of additional functionality and features based on the feedback received from Loop SAL operations team and control group subscribers.

About Loop SAL

Loop SAL, a provider of electric scooter shared fleet services and technology, was formed in 2016 and expects to build the business in Lebanon and regionally through its team of skilled professionals in Telematics, fleet management, logistics, and market development.

For info please contact:

Mira Raham, Loop SAL General Manager


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