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Beirut, March 2016 – After taking place in 12 different countries and with a few more to go, Marketing Kingdom delivers a top notch marketing experience in Beirut, just as promised, while Berytech joined in as a startup partner.

This 2 day marketing extravaganza gathered almost 100 passionate participants including students, corporate professionals, creative freelancers and entrepreneurs around marketing gurus from Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, Coca-Cola, Hug Digital and VISA, to name a few.

The event kicked off with Antoine Caironi, from Twitter who discussed the game-changing shift of social platforms to instant updates and live broadcasting, highlighting the power of NOW and how it is changing the marketing world. The participants along with Antoine recorded a celebratory V-card for Twitter’s 10th birthday marking a highlight at the event.

Ian Manning from Facebook explained the inevitable shift to mobile marketing, loaded with opportunities and challenges.



Hussein Freijeh from Yahoo! went through the challenges of constantly creating engaging content adaptable to the different social media platforms struggling to grab users attention – now spanning over only 8 seconds!

A standout herself Noha Bashir gave tips and tricks on how to deliver exceptional content creating a solid, loyal community of users around your brand.

Khaled al Ahmad from DigiArabs listed out the 10 mistakes that companies should avoid on Social Media including not listening to their audience, forgetting to engage, having no content strategy, automation, and having no clear KPIs . Khaled recommends monitoring your business’ keywords, hashtags and influencers, responding in real-time, engaging customers in conversations and setting out goal indicators to measure your online progress.

Hussein Dajjani gave a very inclusive talk on working with influencers, identifying 4 main activities in influencer marketing: identifying the influencers, marketing TO influencers to increase brand awareness in their circles, marketing THROUGH influencers to increase brand awareness to target markets, and marketing WITH influencers to turn them into brand advocates.

A very inspirational talk was delivered by Ania Jakubowski from Coca-cola on how the brand uses emotions to engage its customers world wide by creating a culture to turn them into loyal fans.

The seminar ended with an interactive workshop on developing brand purpose on social media delivered by international social media expert, Scott Hicks. It tackled brand purpose and brand brief , the importance of brand consistency and sharpening up storytelling techniques and tools.




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