Mazen Farah: Sales tips for today’s Entrepreneur

As the 16-week acceleration phase come to an end, we’ve reached out to Mazen Farah, managing partner of HEED and Science of Sales Institute to share with us highlights from the two sessions he gave the Agrytech teams.

His first session on sales focused on how to reach and aid clients to buy more. While his second session on sales strategy focused on setting the right sales and go-to-market strategy for the organization. 

His advice to first time entrepreneurs is this:

1. Selling is more than a profession, it’s a LIFESTYLE.

2. In fact there are more lies told about sales as much as there is truth told about the real world.

3. In the business world, sales is the backbone of any profitable company.

4.There is true case, where I build a perfect product, and customers will eventually come.

5. A real company, is unlike what we watch and enjoy on TV. So hit the market early, and strive to sell your product, this is where the real world is.

6. I refer to the Godfather quote: “Finance is the gun, politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.” It’s not all in the finance, we have to learn the hard way to optimize our resources.

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