Meet Celine Khoury Founder of Rollin’pen & Winner of FFE 2013, Bringing Content Solution to Business

Why Rollin’pen?
I came up with the idea of Rollin’pen after I realized that businesses needed great content to sell their products just as much as publishers do. They need to craft a compelling brand story and communicate in more than one language to reach a wide audience. Therefore, and to help businesses meet market demand, Rollin’pen provides editing, copywriting and translation services in English, French and Arabic.

What’s the role of tech in your project?
I take advantage of technology to sell and promote my services and to follow-up with my clients, in addition to using it internally with my team to increase efficiency and productivity. I am also in the process of implementing online payment options to facilitate booking and payment transactions for my clients.

After your experience with FFE, what tips can you share with women entrepreneurs?
I would give them the same tips I would give to any entrepreneur be they male or female: be passionate, patient and persistent.

Role of content: how can it support startups? Tips for good content?
Good content is vital for startups. It helps them to connect with their audience, generate leads and build brand awareness. For a start-up to succeed when it comes to content, they need to:
1- Develop a detailed content strategy
2- Create genuine and authentic content which is of interest to their audience
3- Publish articles regularly
4- Adopt a simple, concise and easily read style

Rollin’pen offers a full range of editorial services—Editing, Copywriting and Translation—in English, French and Arabic.

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