Meet Mr. Shadi Abdelkhalek from Tyconz bringing SAP solution to Lebanon

Shadi Abdelkhalek, Business Development Manager at Tyconz, introduces the company in a few words: “We are SAP resellers in the MENA region, now in 3 countries Qatar, Dubai and Beirut being the most recent one”. He states that they have chosen to open their offices in Berytech because they are still starting up.

Thus, the facilities that are provided simplify the process of development.
According to Shadi the mission of the company is to provide SAP product to the Lebanese and Arabian regional market ensuring services of finest quality. “We want the services to be as good as the solution targeting companies of all sizes”. He says, actually, SAP started in 1972 in Germany with a solution “ECC” (now ECC6) for small and mid-size enterprises but, the solution got so big that now large enterprise runs them. For example, Microsoft Run SAP although they are competitors. The portfolio of SAP grew big with time reaching more than 300000 accounts worldwide.

In addition to that, solutions were first industry based using the best practice methodology based on customer in this industry and we are trying to apply this also in Lebanon. As for me I work on a solution SAP business 1 specifically tailored for small to mid-sized enterprise (up to 250 employees). Shadi added “we offer solution on transactional levels for a company to run its financials, sales, purchases, customer relationship management, human resourcing, production etc… On top of these solution we have application for analytics these are for strategic thinking forecasting of big companies”

Furthermore, SAP gave the opportunity to their partners to develop solution on top of the services they offer. For instance, it is very difficult to fix packaged of payroll solution that are specific to each country therefore, partners develop customized solution derived from the original SAP product and these customized solution will be in turn certified by SAP in order on top of these solutions to enter the market vertically. and then get it certified by SAP.

Shadi claims that there are a lot of partners worldwide,. “We are taking the best solution from different industries and from matured partners that already have their solutions certified.certified. Accordingly Then, we do partnership deals to sell them here in Lebanon. On top of this we develop our own solutions such as those of related to payrolls”..??

When asked about the reason for starting up the companywhat made you startup, he said: “The Company founders were former SAP consultants they who worked on solutions in the banking sector for Qatar. for a banking sector. After they gotgetting enough the experience, the founders there they decided to start up a company in Dubai ; being the “hub” then Lebanon was next on the list because there is a market opportunity.”
According to Shadi,him the key success factor is building trust with customers and delivering on time with promising the expected quality especially thatbecause. Most SAP solutions are delivered too late, this which thus frustrates the customer knowing that it is very hard to adapt to new solutions for them and their employee. Therefore, the core objective of the company is to focus on time and quality of service.
Shadi declares “the best part of my job is getting to know a lot of businesses in different industries and advise them to run it better with sap solutions.”
He went further on saying “The experience Berytech broughgot us is very suitable and very convenient. As a company starting up the services they provide save a lot of time. Although we underestimate these problems they do require a lot of time and efforts. Therefore, Berytech offers getting rid of these barriers helps us focus on our work within an ambitious exciting community that is also into technology and a good networking space. As for the CcoWworking space it is very nice and I will be using it for my employees for them to meet new people and share ideas. It’s a great marketing for our company and a potential to get ideas from the community

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