Meet the winners of the “Femme Francophone Entrepreneur” competition

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Aline Gemayel and Stephanie Hanna, won the 2015 edition of the  “Femme Francophone Entrepreneure”  (FFE) competition . The winners received their trophies during a gathering held by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF) in the Middle East on Wednesday at the Smallville hotel.

Stephanie Hanna, former business banker, won the first prize and 12,000 euros   with her startup Essmak, specializing in online ordering and printing of labels forchildren.  Aline Gemayel, an architect by training, has won the second prize of 8000 euros , with her project Modeo Systems, offers customers the possibility to created order their  furniture  in a mobile application. 

Launched in 2011, the “Femme Francophone Entrepreneure” award is organized by the AUF and  Berytech to support women entrepreneurs by providing them with grants and incubation for their project development.  “The goal is to enhance the role of women in entrepreneurship by promoting the Francophonie. FFE has doubled the prize in five years, to reach 20,000 euros. This year we have 10 of the 15 shortlisted candidates, who presented their French projects to the jury,” explains Hervé Sabourin , director of the regional  AUF  office. ” We value the innovative aspect of each project, its feasibility, its financial structure, but also its sustainability,” he added. 

“Berytech is happy to be part of this growing initiative and see the projects growing and more women entrepreneurs innovating and adding value to the community. We offer all our support ecosystem to the winning candidates including business development, hosting, marketing, finance, mentoring and access to local and regional networks sunch as the Wehubs EU Network” added Ramy Boujawdeh, Deputy GM of Berytech.

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