Ministry of Economy & Trade & Berytech Sign an MOU for the Support of Lebanese Entrepreneurs

The ministry of Economy and Trade signed a memorandum of understanding with Berytech for the collaboration around the implementation of the national support strategy for startups and SMEs in Lebanon. The ceremony was held at Berytech Digital Park, BDD1294, in the presence of Berytech’s chairman Mr. Maroun N. Chammas, H.E Dr. Alain Hakim, Minister of Economy and Trade and guests from the entrepreneurship ecosystem, media, bankers and entrepreneurs.
After the public stood tall before national anthem, Mr. Maroun Chammas welcomed the Minister, thanking his efforts made to Lebanon, since taking over this position.

Mr. Maroun N. Chammas highlighted the importance of digital infrastructure that needs to be particularly taken care of, to strengthen the ecosystem, especially that the Central Bank of Lebanon has an important national initiative to support and grow the support for entrepreneurs. He also expressed his appreciation for the collaboration with MOET, taking all initiatives to a national level, adding:
“Initiated by Saint-Joseph university in 2002, Berytech was initially created to boost the Lebanese economy and the entrepreneurship landscape and retain all Lebanese talents. Today we’re very happy to join our effort and collaborate with the ministry of economy and trade for the implementation of the support strategy for SMEs with several national initiatives and upcoming opportunities.”
He added: “This agreement will help making the support strategy national, unifying the business environment and shared resources and adding the scope of support services”


The minister added: “It is my pleasure to be with you today to sign a memorandum of cooperation between Berytech and the Ministry of Economy and Trade, which would contribute to the achievement of our goals focusing on the support of small and medium-sized enterprises and strengthen the partnership between the public and private sectors and both teams. ”
The minister emphasized on the importance of SMEs declaring: “SMEs are the key element for developing economies, considered the backbone of the economy and the main motivation towards achieving national goals and stimulating economic growth. Our presence here today is very important and the signature of this MOU aims at supporting entrepreneurs and increase SME’s competitiveness. ”


Both parties will collaborate on the implementation of a national a strategy for small and medium enterprises through joining efforts with regard to the strategy’s initiatives to support businesses for the sake of a better business environment capable of incubating innovative startups and small companies.
The Ministry of Economy and Trade will support Berytech in its endeavor to join international programs and funds in addition to involving Berytech in different policies and seminar and as well as the various activities of the public sector related to supporting enterprises. In turn, Berytech will support the mission of MOET in this regard. Accordingly, both parties will work to create a shared vision for future partnerships.
The Ministry of Economy and Trade and Berytech will collaborate to provide the needed training, advice, and support for entrepreneurs, unifying their common resources, expertise and networks for capacity building.

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