Mr. Oliver Ojeil founder of Cliché VFX, the first company in the Middle East ever to work on 3D effects and animation of a Hollywood movie, launches New Website


Filmmaker at heart, Oliver wrote, directed and edited his first short film “The Fraud Monks” when he was 13 years old. The short film earned him unexpected reputation and ignited the vision of pursuing a professional film-making career in the future.
Mr. Oliver Ojeil studied film making in Philadelphia for 4 years then went to LA where he started his own business. After 8 years of experience and exposure in the US he came back to Lebanon, did a lot of shootings and opened his own company Cliché VFX.

Oliver claims: “I produce for the Middle East which is my main market along with big advertising companies”.
On Monday 11th of November 2014 he launched his new personal directory website: that contains his latest work as a director along with other material he is actively working on.

He states: “Basically I did a face lift where you can find all the new project that I did”.
As a matter of fact, the spotlight of his launching included a major milestone in his career: working on a Hollywood horror movie “The Pyramid” as the visual effect supervisor.
The movie was shot in morocco in the Dino De Laurentiis studios and By doing all the 3d effects and animation of “The pyramid” Cliché VFX became the first company in the middle east ever to work on a Hollywood movie.

He added “In this website I’m showcasing my work in different creative areas. Usually, everybody knows me as a film director but I do a lot of other things such as screen writing, landscape, portrait, and fashion photography. In fact, I wrote 2 screen plays one of which is a horror movie that will be filmed mostly in Lebanon. Also, I’ve been working on a landscape photography book for three years now”.

Oliver is a tenant at Berytech Technology & Health, We wish him constant success in all his future projects.

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