MUC university students learning about entrepreneurship

Posted on May 15, 2019

Berytech welcomed students enrolled in the School of Business and School of Technology from MUC University to introduce them to the concept of entrepreneurship and its principles.


Earlier this month, more than twenty students from the MUC University visited Berytech Innovation Park – Mar Roukoz to learn about entrepreneurship and its different opportunities.


Hadi Hodeib, Agrytech’s program officer, explained the role of Berytech in the ecosystem stressing on the Agrytech program and accelerator.

The undergraduates discovered the meaning of entrepreneurship and its characteristics and they were introduced to the mindset of entrepreneurs as well as the startup scene.

Hady also explained the importance of finding a solution to a recurrent problem while innovating based on the needs of the market.

Berytech Fab Lab


The session ended with a tour of the Berytech Fab Lab. Wael Khalil – Berytech Fab Lab Manager, showed the different machines present in the lab from CNC machines, to laser cutters and 3D printers among others.

Wael explained that even if a person’s background is not into technology, s/he can always learn new tools and principles to be able to prototype and test their idea.


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