Nine reasons why you should join the Crisis Management Training for Women-led Businesses

While we might not be able to babysit your children while you work, we developed the program to support you in surviving and thriving in your business

There is no doubt that 2020 has been hard on everyone around the globe. It might have been especially hard on women entrepreneurs who are not only struggling to ride through the business challenges brought forward by the economic crisis and the pandemic, but also find themselves with little to no support in their daily lives at home.

While we might not be able to babysit your children while you work, we developed the Crisis Management Training for Women-led Businesses program to support you in surviving and thriving in your business.

The program – funded by the World Bank and in partnership with the Lebanese League for Women in Business (LLWB), is one of several initiatives led by the IFC and the World bank under the Mashreq Gender Facility geared towards improving women’s capacities to launch, run and grow their own businesses. It is designed to provide you with the support and information you need to grow your business, enhance your business model, marketing, financing, and networking opportunities, as well as learn how to be resilient in the face of crises.

9 Reasons Why

If you are still thinking of how you could possibly fit this program into your insane schedule, here are 9 reasons why you should not think twice about applying:  

  1. Crisis: There. We said it. It is challenging enough to start and run a business in normal times, it is insane to try and run it without the right tools and mindset, in times of crises.
  2. Self-development: Dare we say that you can think of this program as time for self-development, a time where you can sharpen your sword to head back into battle, with twice the strategic planning than when you started.
  3. Knowledge: It’s everywhere and easily accessible. True. But it’s also a waste of time to search for the knowledge you need while we have prepared a complete program loaded with indispensable knowledge from industry experts on how to run a successful business in uncertain times.
  4. Peer Support: You might think that you’re alone in this and might not know any other women going through the daily struggles that you face. Well, there are more of you out there and we’re bringing you together to create a support community.
  5. Business networking : Despite the imposed social isolation, the program will allow you to develop useful contacts. Get to know new people who could be facing similar challenges, who could become suppliers, clients or just new friends.
  6. Expertise : With the program, Berytech offers you access to its wide network of ecosystem experts. It is a way to connect to a wide pool of people who are ready to offer you their expertise in every possible field.
  7. Innovation: How are other entrepreneurs innovating solutions to the daily challenges of the fast-changing business world? What are they doing the same? What are they doing different? Innovate could become your favorite word in the dictionary.
  8. Inspiration: It goes both ways. Just as you might be seeking inspiration from the resilience and hard work of other women entrepreneurs, rest assured, your peers in the program will find their inspiration in you too.
  9. Support: As a woman running a business, we understand that you’re looking at some challenges that are specific or different from your fellow male business peers. How do you make time for the home and the business? How do you deal with micro-aggressions? How do you read the energy at the negotiation table as a woman? We’ll look into that and support you. 

More information on the Crisis Management program and the application form are two clicks away here.

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