Opening Up New Networks for Berytech Community with Alumni Central

Within its effort to expand it’s business network through exciting partnerships with local and international key players, Berytech signed an agreement with Alumni Central announcing their collaboration.


Alumni Central is a non-profit organization serving as a hub for leading global alumni and achievers in Lebanon. Their mission is to support and enable selected high-impact socio-economic development initiatives by providing support and in-house expertise to relevant stakeholders.


The collaboration brings new business connection opportunities to the Berytech community as the Alumni Central platform connects Lebanese fresh graduates worldwide to international entry-level job opportunities. The collaboration will focus on co-hosting events with high-value guest speakers, in addition to adding valuable experts, coaches and mentors to join Berytech network and support entrepreneurs. Alumni Central will promote mentorship openings in Berytech to its network, encouraging its members to provide their skills on a volunteering basis.


The signing, which happened on Tuesday 23 May 2017, was scheduled during the May edition of the Berytech Meetups Powered by GIST, a monthly rendez-vous with a growing network of science and tech enthusiasts and professionals that has been gathering around talks organized by Berytech with key industry players.


During the event, Wael Abdul Rahman, president of Alumni Central, stressed on the importance of the partnership between Alumni Central and Berytech and the numerous synergies that exist between the two organizations. He also emphasized how this partnership falls exactly within Alumni Central’s mission of being a catalyst for positive change in Lebanon. Ramy Bou Jaoude, Deputy GM of Berytech, emphasized the value that this collaboration will bring to the Berytech community, opening up horizons and new networks for our entrepreneurs.


Berytech is keen on growing its network and increasing the business networking opportunities for entrepreneurs in its community. Entrepreneurs need to have added-value resources behind them in order to support the growth of their business. These resources can fill the gaps in their own expertise and open them up to opportunities they may not have otherwise had access to, such as investment, contacts, expertise and business experience.

And this is where business networking plays an extremely vital role, generating strong, valuable relationships within the business world, where entrepreneurs can share and gain valuable insight from each other, positively enabling the business journey.






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