Paul Rahme International Marketing Expert Meet with Entrepreneurs during a Round Table at Berytech

On Thursday 27th of February, Berytech welcomed an international marketing strategist: Paul Rahme bringing an aspiration and wide expertise to entrepreneurs, around a round table discussion.

Tenants were numerous to attend the event and very excited to meet in person with Paul Rahme.
The interaction and the positive enthusiasm were remarkable during the whole setup. In addition to that, entrepreneurs gained exceptional tips for their startup growth.

Paul Rahme started the session by asking 3 questions that might seem simple but can bring a lot out of a person; “who am I?” “What do I do?” And “why do I do it?”

each attendant answered the questions accordingly and that made them think to their “so what?”
Then he covered the marketing strategy that needs to be followed and the importance of communication stressing on the e-mail as a key tool for international communication having a targeted strategy.
He stated: “if we want to be big we have to reach big and in order to do so we can’t use the standard procedure we can refer to unusual tools that will lead us to our goal while saving time! Moreover, we are not supposed to be frighten to access international market”. Then, he compared the marketing pull to the sales push strategy advising to apply the latter one.
“We should ask ourselves the questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? And How much?”
Paul strongly believes that his success is due to his empathy and intuition. As a matter of fact, he stated that human’s most powerful tool for success are his IQ, EQ and SQ. Then, he went over the target market, industry and organization.
He ended up by saying “even if you are doing well you can do better”.
This event falls under Berytech aim to empower its entrepreneurial community and connect them with key experts and networks to grow their businesses.

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