PHEMAC Project kicks off in Barcelona

PHEMAC aims to develop and disseminate an interactive platform that will gather and share best practices in the farming system, water management and agri-food sectors.

The PHEMAC Project kicked off at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona campus in Barcelona, bringing together the twelve partners for this first meeting from January 23-25, 2020.

The PHEMAC Consortium

The PHEMAC consortium is composed of 12 multidisciplinary partners from the following countries: Spain, Egypt, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, France and Tunisia. The international partnership involves Berytech among the public institutions, companies, industries associations, researchers, incubators, accelerators and advisors, to connect knowledge and information from various sources for the capitalization of project’s results and to faster the implementation of practical, eco-efficient and cost-effective solutions for businesses at EU-Mediterranean Partner Countries region

Berytech’s Team joined the different representatives from the 12 project partners and PRIMA program and discussed the implementation of the project during the kick off meeting: the approach to be followed, the most relevant issues, the perceived problems that can occur, the target goals, the partnership that will be working together, the key outputs derived from the project and the means to deploy to exploit them and turn them into reality, and the most relevant target KPIs at the technical and economic level as well as those that may represent a legacy from the project to create a suitable impact.     

Meet the PHEMAC Project Partners

Thanks to its activities in promoting, directing and projecting newly acquired knowledge towards its socio-economic surroundings, the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) has become a forerunner in quality researchers and already has received 50 Awards for Quality from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science.

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is the main coordinating body for scientific research in Egypt and a national authority that provides a public service by ensuring independent, unbiased assessments of the sciences. ASRT hosts ENSTINET, the national excellence and reference center for ST information.

Innolabs is a consultancy company for Innovation, Management Innovation Strategy and Commercialization of excellent researchers in Italy, the EU and MENA Countries. With a network of partner companies and Institutions, the company operates on many levels (such as Technology Audit, IPR, Technology and Knowledge Transfer, startup and SME acceleration.)

NET7 is a SME based in Pisa (Italy) with core business development and consultancy on Web and Semantic web technologies, and Digital humanities and Cultural heritage domains. NET7 is co-founder and maintainer of Linked Open Data Italia association, devoted to promoting Linked Data technologies and to offering storage, consulting and facilities.

Berytech is the ecosystem for entrepreneurs, providing a dynamic environment for the creation and development of startups, fostering innovation, technology and entrepreneurship in Lebanon. Since 2002, Berytech has housed more than 330 entities, assisted more than 3,700 entrepreneurs, helped create more than 1,800 job opportunities and granted more than $1.7M to startups.

Created in 1895, under governance of Ministry in Charge of Trade, the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie du Centre in Tunisia is a public organization of economic interest with a legal entity and a financial autonomy. The members of CCIC are operators in Industry, Trade, Services and Handicrafts. Offers services to its members:among which  Economic Information and assistance and Entrepreneurship Support.

Inaugurated in 2006 at the American University of Beirut, the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairsis (IFI) is an independent research-based, policy-oriented institute. It aims to initiate and develop policy-relevant research in and about the Arab region. IFI is committed to expanding and deepening knowledge production and to creating a space for the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers, civil society actors, and policy makers.

The Research and Technology Center of Energy (CRTEn) at the EcoPark Borj-Cedria (TBC), is a Public Scientific and Technological Institution. It represents the energy component of research in the EcoPark Borj-Cedria (TBC) which is composed of 3 big areas: academic area (3 Higher Education Institutes), research area (4 research centers), and production/business area (an incubator and relay workshops).

The Egypt Center for Innovation & Technology Development is an independent private center dedicated to improving technology management processes while promoting innovation and private sector development. Their expertise is in marketing strategies and impact assessment, innovation systems and tech-development, regulation and policy-mix reviews, accountability and governance, and with particular focus on AgroFood, Energy, Water, Health, and Environment sectors.

iPARK at RSS (previously Business Park for Project Development/EHBP) is Jordan’s leading innovation and entrepreneurship support institution. Established in 2003, its operations include: Technology startup incubation and support through iPARK incubator. National technology transfer, valuation and innovation commercialization and innovation policy strategy support through IP Commercialization Office (IPCO).

USMBA, created 1975, is a prestigious university in Morocco and the main center of S&T research. Through its 13 research and training institutions, USMBA provides education and scientific research in S&T, medicine, economics, social, legal and human sciences. ICT is a priority sector in programs and research projects. To meet the challenge of supporting government in bridging the digital divide, USMBA has a large team of 140+ professors and researchers.

Launched as an NGO in 2016, AMA is the link between Engineers community, hardware startups and major Frenchindustrial groups. AMA relies on a large professional network, such as CAP DIGITAL & AM VALOR for scientific research valorization, or USINE IO & CAP’TRONIC for clustering strategy. Top executive mentoring is also a distinctive asset that serves entrepreneurs and inventors with no industrial experience.

The PHEMAC Project

The Participatory hub for effective mapping, acceleration and capitalization of EU-MPC NEXUS best practices PHEMAC Project is co-funded under the PRIMA program – an Art.185 initiative supported and funded under Horizon 2020, the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. PHEMAC aims to develop and disseminate an interactive platform that will gather and share best practices focused on PRIMA SRIA priorities, involving a wide range of stakeholders from the farming system, water management and agri-food sectors.

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